Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The good, the bad and the down right awful online beauty shopping experiences

What do we want? MAKEUP! When do we want it? NOW!

The chant all beauty addicts have going on in their head when they are perusing the web for their next purchase.

However, that late night shopping feeling can come to an abrupt end when you don't get the item for 2 weeks and by the time you finally do receive it you have forgotten you had spent the money in the first place.

The question you might ask is 'Leah, why if you want makeup immediately do you not just buy it in on the highstreet?'  My answer is 1. Boots and Superdrug near me are small and everyone plays with all the makeup on the stands so it's nice to get never been touched items. 2. You can't get everything on my highstreet so online is the easiest place to get it.

Therefore, I decided to make a list of the places I enjoy getting my makeup from and the worst and most disappointing places.

The Good

Stockists of some of the most sought after brands Beauty Bay has been my go to shop online when I want to browse the pretty makeup things.

This online beauty store is simply the best and quickest that I have used. I have placed my order and within 48 hours it is at my door. It's packaged securely and the cost of standard delivery (on orders under £15) is only £1.95.

If you order over £15 it is free standard delivery and if you order over £40 you get free next day delivery. There is also a premium service with free deluxe gift if you order over £70 so I believe this is such a great way to keep your customers happy.

I don't know if it's because they are not on the highstreet that their delivery charges are so good but these are the best so far I have ever used.

Feel Unique

Similarly to Beauty Bay, Feel Unique are an online beauty store with a huge selection of high and and budget beauty.

It's a beauty bloggers haven and often has a great offers on makeup.

The delivery is free for orders over £15 but it would cost £3.95 if under. Once again I would probably buy more than £15 if I was ordering online so wouldn't need to worry about paying for delivery. They also have free International Delivery over orders of £15 which is massively decent as not many place have this offer, not at such a small price.

If you order over £30 you also get 2 free samples with your order.

The high street store has an excellent online service. It's easy to use and everything you get in store is available online which is a bonus. Like lots of high street stores you can click and collect from a local store but you also get free delivery on orders over £10! And who of us actually spends less than that online? It does cost £3 for standard delivery so you would totally go over the £10 just to get it free, well I would...

So far, the items have always arrived on time in a good secure box and definitely in less time than the stated 3 days.

Everything is sealed and has not been stored in an incorrect way so you're not getting gloopy or off makeup.

The bad

Makeup Revolution

I wouldn't say this is the worst of all. In fact it's only in here because of some recent purchases. It's a great brand, I love the products and I do think the website is clear, easy to use and the colours are very true. You do have to have a considerable amount before you get free delivery but I have always spent over so not had to pay and it is always packaged securely.

It's just, when you have to wait 2 weeks for your delivery during a busy period you wonder why on earth you would put a promotion on that would obviously increase your sales and not put on some agency staff to help with the influx of orders. Making customers wait, quite a long time is just not on and although I won't stop buying from them in the future I may buy from Superdrug instead as they really haven't done themselves any favours.


It's not the delivery that is an issue here but the website. It's confused, it doesn't know what it has in stock and what is doesn't and the WORST thing is the colour indicators are nothing like the colour you actually receive when you do receive the product.

I have only ever clicked and collected and when I do collect I stand and swatch everything I might want to get online as I know they are the only way I get a true colour indication.

The price for delivery is not clear at all if you don't spend £45 or over which makes it free. That to me is absurd! Why on earth can Superdrug be £10 minimum spend and Boots be £45.  Seems absolutely bonkers.

I try to avoid their online service as much as possible as it's just so confusing and the website is so out of date it hurts. Some updating is definitely required and with them being the largest high street 'drugstore' I feel like they are not investing in their online presence enough.

The Down Right Awful

Space.NK. (or Space.NK.apothecary)

The only one in this catergory and with good reason. I have only recently shopped there and I was so bitterly disappointed.

They don't have many stores in the UK and none very close to where I live so when I saw that they had a deal for £15 off a £60 spend I would jump at the chance of buying some bits I would really like.When I got to the checkout it was £5 for standard delivery unless you spent over £80 (which has now gone down to over £60 now the offer has finished).

This is astronomical....why so much?

Then, to add insult to injury I 4 days (2 working days) after making the order I finally get a dispatch notification with a caveat of 3-7 working days till receiving said item.

I mean, 11 days possibly to receive something. If you were an eBay seller you would be given negative feedback,

I have yet to see how it's packaged but I am so annoyed at this. Why a luxury store would be so stingy with the delivery charges and the length of time to reach you is quite upsetting....sure you would have enough money by selling the luxury items to ensure you could offer free delivery to all - standard.

I think if it hadn't been so darn expensive and taken the same amount of time I would have been ok but it's just not great. It has definitely put me off buying from them ever again.

Where do you shop online for beauty? What has been your best and worst experience?

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Review | Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick Collection

I'm loving the new launches from Makeup Revolution at the moment and of course if it's rose gold and comes in 5 beautiful colours and is for the lips, well I am totally up for it so when they bought out their Rose Gold Lipstick collection.

I decided to get the whole collection once I received Red Carpet in my 2nd Birthday Goodie Bag as it swatched SO beautifully on the lips. 

They start out sheer but a couple of layers and they stay for such a long time. I have even eaten, drank and although there is transfer the lipstick still has staying power.

I wore Diamond Life (the dark berry) from 8am to 4pm without re applying which is 8 hours.

The colours are great too, each suiting most skin types especially the nude, Chauffeur, which is such a lovely cool toned nude and different to anything I have ever found.

I have swatched them all on my arm for you.

Have you got any of these lipsticks yet?

Would you buy all five or is there a couple you would like to indulge in?

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Review | NYX White Liquid Liner

I have seen so many looks recently that I LOVE using a double liner effect with a black liner and white liner on top and I have been struggling to find a white liner till now.

I was on looking at makeup and although the prices are slightly higher than in boots they do seem to have some NYX stuff that boots doesn't, including this White liquid liner. I ordered it straight away for free click n collect and it came the next day.

I swatched this on my hand as soon as I got it and it dried so quickly and was so opaque. I was worried that it wouldn't be opaque which would totally ruin the look but I needn't have worried. It only removed with makeup remover and I even did the washing up and it didn't budge.

The idea was to make eye looks pop a little more, maybe not to be used every day but certainly for playing with some of more of my more colourful eyeshadows and giving them something a little extra.

I used it in a look I did recently which will be in an upcoming collab video and I absolutely love it.

I'm not an expert and so the line isn't sharp but it is good enough for a novice I think.

Let me know what you think?

Have you tried a white liner? Which one would you recommend?

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