• Review | P.S. BB Cream – Ivory

    p.s. bb cream

    This is not a review I really thought I was going to write but I have to tell you about the amazing discovery from Primark which is dominating my makeup basket and that is the P.S. BB Cream in Ivory.

    This costs £2.50 for 50mls and after I swatched it in the new Leicester Fosse Park Primark I knew it would be  one to try as a primer.


    The product doesn’t have any treatment claims but it does say on the front of the tube that:

    • it is sheer coverage & natural finish
    • it smoothes & evens skin tone
    • it provides hydration


    There isn’t a direction to apply on the packaging but how I apply the product is to take a pea sized amount and smooth on the skin with my fingertips.


    This is not a high end product so the packaging is functional. It is in a tube with a flip up cap and is cream with a gold band, brack writing and a black lid.


    This is something that when I say it I hope you don’t find it bizarre but when I think of the texture it is like thick split cake batter. It’s quite a bizarre texture when you squeeze it out of the tube but once you smooth it on the skin you will see it does just go on smoothly, more like a thick moisturiser.

    It also has a really cooling feel when applied to the face.

    p.s. bb cream 1


    This was unexpected and something I really enjoyed but it has a delicate parma violet smell.  I really don’t like parma violet sweets to eat but it is so subtle but lovely it makes using this product a really enjoyable experience.


    This is such a fantastic product as a primer for me. It doesn’t have a silicone feel  even though Dimethicone (which is a silicone) does appear in the ingredients (12th on the long list!) but  the reason it does keep my makeup on is it has the magic ingredient Glycerine (5th on the list after other emollients)  which is a fantastic product to keep your makeup on your face and cool and moisturised especially if you have dry/combo skin like me!

    As soon as I put it on my face it feels calm and cool and although the colour disappears almost immediately it does even the skin tone a little. I don’t have severe discolouration or anything or redness but it does just bring it down slightly.

    p.s. bb cream 2

    Final Thoughts

    I really think this is my product of the month and I have been enjoying it so much that I repurchased it recently as I know that Primark are very quick at moving products out of their range quickly (the primer water is one of those things <sobs>).

    The BB Cream is definitely a hidden gem and it does come in two colours but honestly – this goes down to no colour at all so I would suggest if you are deeper skin tone try the medium one – it may work!

    This is a five star product as far as I am concerned but if you are sensitive to Linalool which is found in Lavender fragranced things I would maybe be careful in trying it.

    Have you any hidden gems?

    Have you tried anything from the PS range that you have loved? Anything you haven’t enjoyed so much?


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    Review | Skin Doctors Beelift Moisturiser


    I was sent the Skin Doctors Beelift moisturiser to review recently and I have been trying it for the last month and decided it’s a good time now to be telling you about it.


    (from the Skin Doctors website)

    Beelift helps fight premature ageing ensuring that your skin is nourished, renewed and revitalised. Beelift contains the Bee Venom (Melittin), Manuka Honey, the collagen treatment Trylagen® and Hyadisine® – a complex mix of peptides, amino acids, proteins and key enzymes. Together these ingredients trick the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung, instantly working to control facial muscles for cumulative tightening, lifting, plumping and firming of the skin.

    Beelift is clinically proven to 

    • Increase Collagen by up to 300%
    • Cumulative skin tightening
    • Plumping and firming of the skin


    With dry fingertips, apply a small amount of Beelift cream to your face and décolletage, avoiding eye area. To finish apply your choice of Skin Doctors moisturising product.

    Beelift 2


    It comes in a glass jar which is not my favourite packaging. I wish all skincare products were in pump or squeeze packaging as it’s more hygienic but it’s ok.  Isn’t too cheap feeling though so that’s a bonus.


    This is a lovely medium textured cream (think yogurt) and I have been using it after my serum and before a moisturiser (initially I was using as a moisturiser) as it sinks in to the skin immediately.

    Beelift 3


    The scent of honey is so strong and actually a little overpowering. If you like honey you will like this but although the scent is strong a soon as it’s on the skin it goes away. It doesn’t linger.


    Immediately I notice my skin to be tighter. This isn’t something I am used to as I  much prefer more moisturising products. It is  this that made me realise it has to be used in conjunction with a moisturiser, especially if like me you have dry/combination skin.

    Beelift 4

    Final thoughts

    This products is priced at £38.99 for 50mls. Personally it isn’t something I would repurchase at the moment due to the tightening of the skin.  I think it would be good to have in my armoury when I start to find I need something that will give me a lift but at the moment I don’t require it.

    The scent for me is not my favourite and I don’t like dipping my finger in a jar but there are products I love that I can oversee this.

    If you are looking for something that will naturally give you lift this definitely will help. The results are pretty good after one month.

    Let me know if you have tried any of the Skin Doctors products? Have you got any favourites?


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    My Autumn 2016 Favourites

    I don’t do monthly favourites anymore as I have been trying to do seasonal favourites. As the winter months draw in I thought it would be good to share my Autumn favourites.


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    Review | Primark P.S. Primer Water

    primer water

    I took a trip to the huge new Primark at Leicester Fosse park recently when I went to see my mum and amongst a huge amount of products I bought the P.S. Primer Water.

    The price of this Primer Water is £2.00 and I think it’s supposed to be a dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water, especially as the packaging is suspiciously familiar.

    I can tell you that the ingredients are different though so in that sense they are different but they both say they are silicone free, alcohol free and oil free so there is definitely some sort of copying happening.


    P.S. Primer Water Preps Skin for Makeup Application, hydrates and refreshes.


    The bottle is clear and so is the liquid. It is a pump spray bottle. The packaging is pretty basic but it doesn’t need to be expensive looking as it really does just look like the Smashbox bottle. Simple yet effective.


    There are no instructions but I would say this is sprayed on the face prior to applying makeup and also can be used to take away the cakiness of using multiple powder products on the face.


    The scent is quite strong if you unscrew the lid, it has a strong floral scent but when you spray it really doesn’t translate and the scent is nearly undetectable.


    This is a brilliant fine mist (better than the MAC Prep & Prime) and it feels cooling on the skin when you spray it.

    I spray it on prior to makeup and it definitely does work for me, although I don’t know if it really makes a difference but I enjoy the step.

    I have not yet tried this but I think this will be a great spray for wetting an eyeshadow brush for making eyeshadows more vibrant.

    Although I can’t say whether this is a dupe as I don’t have the Smashbox version I have to say it’s amazing and for the price, only £2, you would be mad not to pick this up!


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    Favourites | Budget Face Masks from L’oréal and Primark

    Face Masks

    Although I have used face masks in the past, it’s only recently that I have been enjoying them on a regular basis and I have one from L’oréal and one from Primark to review today.

    Both of the masks were under £5 and come in jars and they are both a sort of clay/mud mask which helps with impurities and dull skin.

    face masks 1

    L’oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask

    £5 (when bought, no more than £10 normal price)


    (from the L’oréal website) the Pure Clay Detox Mask with Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out impurities and clarify normal, congested skin.

    The creamy texture of this deep cleansing face mask detoxifies the skin’s surface and works deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking clarified and beautified.


    On clean skin, apply a thin layer all over the face, 2-3 times a week. Avoid the eyes and lips. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes, then remove with a wet towel or warm water.

    I use an old small foundation brush to apply to my face and I use a muslin cloth to remove.


    The mask is a very dark grey when it is in it’s liquid consitency. As the time goes on it hardens on the face and goes a light grey chalky colour. My advice is that when 90% or more has gone this colour it is probably ready to take it off your face if over 5 minutes.

    The thing I enjoy about this is you can feel it hardening. I’m not sure if this actually results in impurities coming to the surface but it feels fun.


    Although it says there is a scent it’s not an overpowering one. It sort of smells like clay/earth but not in a dirty way.


    After using this my skin does feel plumper and brighter but the effects are short lived which is why this is a mask for regular use.

    face masks 2

    Primark PS  Love to Glow Face Mask

    £3 (can only buy in store)


    Exfoliating and smoothing. Brightening and moisturising. (A brand of little words!) 

    This mask contains argan oil and vitamin E. 


    Apply a layer to the skin, leave for ten minutes and wash off with warm water.

    I apply again with the old small foundation brush but before I rinse off I take a small bit of warm water and work the exfoliants in to the face before washing it off which leaves the skin gloriously smooth.


    This does not dry down to a hard mask just sort of sinks in to the skin leaving you with the exfoliants on the face.


    Again not highly scented but the scent that is there is lovely and probably from the argan oil.

    This mask, out of the two, gives the most instant results. Your skin feels brighter and smoother straight away, as it claims and you can tell when you use your skin care it is more moisturised too.

    I have tried multi-masking with the two and used the L’oréal on my T-zone and the Primark one on my cheeks due to the way my skin is at this time of year and it worked ok, apart from taking the masks off as I usually exfoliate first but it wasn’t easy. I think with practice it would be good though.

    If you’re like me and have dry to normal skin you will definitely enjoy this pairing.

    Have you got any favourite budget friendly face masks you use on a regular basis? Any you could recommend?


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