sleek ilust

I recently bought the Sleek iLust Limited edition hidden gems palette (no longer available) from Superdrug because I was intrigued to try eyeshadows from the brand.

I haven’t tried them before (I know, what sort of beauty blogger am I?) but I have so many palettes it was nice to see something different on the stand.

I thought with the glitter it looks like the Urban Decay moondust palette so I thought I would give every single shadow a try by putting it in my weekly basket.

sleek ilust 2

Product Information

(from the Sleek Website)

Make your eyes gleam with gemstone sparkle, this stunning palette contains six intensely pigmented shades including ruby red, intense amethyst, shimmering sapphire and emerald green.


Firstly, this is very different to the usual sleek packaging for palettes. The iDivine palettes are usually black with the round pan eyeshadows. This was slimmer, still black but with a holographic design on them, which I really like.

The pans are bigger and square to their other palettes too which I love. It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator. I know lots of people despise these but I find them so useful for applying cream shadows to my eye – especially as a base.


When I first saw the shadows I was so excited by the glitter but as you can see from the two pictures above that quickly goes away after first use. Would have been nice to have it all the way through. They are pretty good shadows still and I enjoyed using them. They are not the softest shadows I have used but they also don’t have a tonne of fallout either. I think you just have to weigh up what you prefer.

Pigmentation and shade

Pigmentation is actually really good. I applied them all with my fingers as they are a one and done shadow in my opinion. Definitely a statement eye.

To me, although they are bold colours they are wearable bolds for any person. I particularly liked the green (emerald) shade which was a nice wash of colour and had a real shine to it.

sleek ilust 3


With all my eyeshadows I use primer so I think that is what keeps them on. These lasted the whole day each time I wore them, there wasn’t any creasing, but that could be the base again.

Final thoughts

I actually really like this little palette, even though I am slightly disappoint that the sparkle left with the first swatch.  I was hoping they would rival the moondust palette but I don’t think they are even comparable.

Overall I do like it and I think I will keep it in my palette collection as it is different to lots of things I already own.

What do you think of this palette? Did you get your hands on this?