• 8 Lipsticks I have been loving this month

    Lipsticks loving 1

    If you are new here then you won’t know that I am a HUGE fan of lipstick! I love it and since starting my new job I have been alternating between these 8.

    The lipsticks I have been loving range from the budget to the luxury, from the every day to the limited edition and from matte to sheer.

    I did a haul recently from Colourpop which will be on my channel soon but I have been desperate to try the Ultra matte and Ultra satin liquid lipsticks. The two I have been loving so far are the Ultra matte in Creeper, a true blue toned red and the Ultra Satin in Baraccuda, a a warm deepened rose, have really impressed me.

    The next one in the line up (swatched below) and at the end is Rimmel The Only one Matte lipstick in High Flyer and Trendsetter. If you were to mix the two they would be the same colour as the next favourite. The formula is so creamy to begin with and then it dries to matte….very matte…these are super long lasting and I get so many compliments when I wear it.

    As I said, my next favourite has been an iconic lipstick for the most of 2015 and 2016, Velvet Teddy by MAC. This is a lovely matte colour and it looks different on everyone. This particular packaging is the limited edition packaging from the Shadescents collection which I like. I doubt I will finish it so I don’t mind having a limited edition one.

    The same can be said for the next one, the one I was absolutely desperate to get hold of and not because of the colour per sé. More to do with the collboration. McCizzle is one of the lipsticks that is part of the Mariah Carey collection from MAC and you will see a few more posts about this collection in the future. The packaging alone makes i the most beautiful lipstick ever. It is so light in colour so I have to wear a lipliner all over the lips but it’s really a small price to pay for how gorgeous the packaging is.

    Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Shade 438 Suzanne is the one that has really stolen my heart this January. It is quite a lovely finish, they say it’s a pearl finish and it’s definitely got that shiny look but it doesn’t look metallic.

    The colour in the bullet is so dark but it definitely sheers out to a gorgeous plum. The lady in Boots was wearing it and I just couldn’t help but order it based on how it looked on her.

    The final one is the one that really surprised me. The colour itself is STUNNING but I am not enamoured with the name….it’s Urban Decays, Gash… I won’t repeat it.

    Lipsticks loving 2

    What are your top lipsticks for this month?

    Any I should be trying this month?


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    Review | Primark PS.. Anti-Aging Serum and Lifting Eye Gel

    primark serum eye gel

    I decided to try the Primark Anti-ageing serum and the uplifting eye gel (both under £5!) and I have been using them for a month now so wanted to let you know how I feel about them.

    Beauty products from Primark are impressing me so much. First it was the Primer Water and then the BB cream.

    Anti-ageing serum


    Sleek, white with silver print. Plastic packaging with a nice pump. (For serums I really prefer pumps).


    Use a pump or two of product following cleansing and prior to moisturising all over the face an neck.


    A lovely light gel texture which feels really cool on the skin. It reminds me of most of my other serums.


    This is not fragranced at all (that I can tell) and I know lots if people prefer non-scented or lightly scented products.


    It’s a lovely serum, does it reduce wrinkles? No. Is it really anti-ageing? not really but it is nice. It doesn’t break me out and it works nicely under my moisturiser.

    It’s cheap enough to repurchase but I would like to try others before doing so as yes, it was good, but was it life changing enough? not really.

    primark serum eye gel 1

    Uplifting eye-gel


    Again white with silver print but this is a squeezy tube but has a metal roller ball for application.


    Using the roller ball lightly roll under the eyes. If any excess product gently pat for absorption.


    A watery gel texture but it isn’t easy to tell due to the tube being opaque and the rollerball being in the way. It is light so you can barely feel it on your face.


    There is no scent to this product, not sure why you would put a scent in an eye product to be honest. What would it add?


    This doesn’t do anything but help to cool your under eyes. The roller ball is so cold it is like popping a spoon on your eyes. This is great if you want to wake your under eyes up but honestly I can’t see any benefits. Having said that it is lovely and I will finish it but repurchase? Probably not.

    So as you can see I am quite impressed with this – not blown over like some of the others but definitely good for the price.

    Have you tried any of these?

    Would you try Primark skincare?


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    Review | Lovable Lashes Caribbean Spices Palette

    Caribbean 1

    ” Lovable Lashes, Caribbean Spices, never heard of it!”

    Well you will do soon because this little (well not little) beauty of a palette is so gorgeous it’s been in high demand and sold out twice!

    You might recognise the layout of the palette in terms of it being a 35 pan palette similar to the morphe ones but that is the first palette to come from the wonderful lady, Tammi Clarke,  behind Lovable Lashes.

    Tammi has her own YouTube channel and of course lash line but decided that 2016 she would launch this palette.

    I only found out about it from two of my favourite beauty vloggers, SophDoesNails and Beauty Breaks with Vicky, and I had to check out the original video showing off swatches by Tammi.

    The inspiration behind the palette was her caribbean heritage and the colours of the spices found from the area.

    So, what can I say about this palette?

    Caribbean 2


    This has a basic black plastic packaging with a clear window which I have to say I much prefer to the Morphe palettes. With the palettes being large they are hard to hold anyway and with a mirror it would make it really heavy so the fact you can see the eyeshadows is a great idea.

    Caribbean 3


    I had no doubt in my mind the shimmers would be fantastic but what has surprised me is how wonderful the matte shades are in this palette. There is no fall out from these shades and they are so pigmented but not too chalky. Definitely a great formula.


    Tammi says in her video here that these are highly pigmented and she is absolutely correct. I actually found that some of them stained my skin as the pigmentation was so intense.


    I find that with most of the shadows work well with a dense flat brush. I also really like using my finger with the more metallic shades to get more colour pay off.


    These are so long wearing and they really do look beautiful on the eye. The colours are really well thought out and it definitely suits all skin types, however if you are pale like me there isn’t a base shade but honestly – that is a minor thing as, if you’re like me, you have SO many in other palettes anyway or you have a single you use for this reason.

    Caribbean 4

    Final thoughts

    This is a beautifully well thought out palette and it’s so nice to support another Beauty YouTuber / Influencer in providing great products to the community.

    I know she has now released two new palettes and am excited to get my hands on them.



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    Review | Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

    Sweet peach

    The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette relaunched this week in Debenhams and I have been loving it since it’s first launch in 2016 (as you can tell from the picture).

    If you don’t know about the Sweet Peach Palette then where have you been?

    This is the latest launch from the people behind the original chocolate scented palette and rather than chocolate it is a lovely sweet peachy scent. The sort of scent the peach jelly sweets you used to get as kids had.

    sweet peach 2

    This is another neutral palette which seems to be a theme for the Too Faced crew but there are some surprisingly lovely colours in this palette.

    Luscious is the standout for me, a peachy golden champagne metallic shimmer shade (Top row, 2nd from the left) and there is also Bless her Heart, an olive colour which is a nice addition to change the neutral palette up a little.

    If you have never tried a Too Faced palette before this is what I can tell you which is true of most, if not all of their palettes.

    The pigmentation is perfect. Bold enough to create some standout eye looks but not so bold that you can’t blend them in with each other.

    Speaking of blending, these have to be my favourite shadows for blending together. It means you are not spending ages with a brush trying to get the colours to work together.

    The colours have been chosen to ensure you can create multiple looks and so far every single one I have created I have loved.

    It isn’t massively peachy – maybe 3 or 4 shades have a peach tone but actually I like it’s versatility.

    The whole collection is due out later in January and I can’t wait! I have so much I want to get…let’s hope I don’t miss it?!?

    Sweet peach 3

    Have you tried the Sweet Peach Palette?



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    Review | My favourite luxury lipsticks YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

    Shine 1

    When it comes to high end I am quite picky but I cannot help but buy these perfect lipsticks from YSL. The Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks are probably my all time favourite formula for every day.

    I currently have 6 shades:

    No. 6 – Pink in Devotion

    No. 9 – Nude in Private

    No. 19 – Fuchsia in Rage

    No. 28 – Rose in Time

    No. 47 – Beige Blouse

    No. 48 – Smoking Plum

    Shine 2

    I bought No. 9 as my first one and I was absolutely blown away with how much I loved it. It’s not something I would normally pick as it’s a balmy, sheer pigment type lipstick and I really love a bold and matte lip normally but something about this made me want to buy more.

    Description (from the YSL website) 

    A truly cult lipstick. Rouge Volupte Shine combines voluptuous glide-and-go colour with comfort and care. Thanks to 6 sensorial oils your lips are kissed with long-lasting moisture. Rouge Volupte Shine is wrapped in a romantic, elegant, gold case.

    Available in 30 dazzling shades, from semi-sheer to more intense.

    Shine 3


    The packaging of this lipstick really sets it miles apart from any other lipstick. It’s a beautifully weighted metal case with the shade nicely placed in the centre so you can see at a glance what colour it is.

    This has to be THE most Instagram friendly packaging and I wish all my lip products came in this packaging.


    I love the shine formula and the six I have are all in that formula (two are oil in stick but still shine) and they are just so soft and feel nourishing on the lips.

    The colour is not completely sheer especially the deeper colours which have a quite high pigment. The thing I like the best is that they do leave the lips, of course but with the nude shades it’s very simple to reapply, even without a mirror and the deeper shades leave a tint on the lips which means you don’t have to reapply too much. They even last throughout a meal.

    Shine 4


    These do have a scent and it took me a good few months to work out exactly what that scent was and then it clicked.

    If you are a teen of the 90s you may have been to a bar and had a drink called Reef which is an orange and passion fruit juice drink with alcohol in it.

    It smells JUST like that.

    A lot of people say watermelon scent but it’s definitely the passionfruit that comes through for me. I didn’t think I would like a highly scented lipstick but I love it. The scent is my favourite lipstick scent ever and so unique.


    I use them straight from the tube and because the formula glides on it is easy to just swipe on and go.


    As I mentioned before it’s a balmy consistency which means the shine is the right name for this. You end up with lovely shiny lips which look plump luscious. I love the way my lips look in this formula.

    Final thoughts

    I would love to own more of these and I always know if I was stuck for a gift idea for me this would really be a wonderful way to make sure I am happy. I love everything about these and am yet to be disappointed.

    Are you a fan of these little luxury lipsticks?


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