• Review | Gin Explorer Box – March 2017*

    Gin explorer

    I know we are nearly in May but I have been absolutely flat out with work…which is why these were not drunk until my deadline was over. And boy did I need the Gin Explorer Box after that!

    This is the March Gin Explorer box which is a monthly subscription of Gin, themed in different ways each month.

    This month was their 1 year anniversary and we received 4 gins and a vodka from around the country.

    Gin explorer 1


    Firstly let’s talk about packaging.

    The box that it came in looked like a little suitcase, it was so beautiful. I opened it up to find a beautifully presented box.Gin explorer 2

    Inside were 4 double measures of gin, Tinker Gin, Stirling Gin, Dingle Gin and Trevethian Cornish Gin.

    Me and my colleague decided we were going to try them together after finally completing our deadline.

    Gin explorer 3

    You also got 2 bottles of tonic water but for me I had to add in some of my own. I like to have tall glasses of gin with plenty of ice and tonic.

    Gin explorer 4

    The little bottle of vodka was a nice touch. I do enjoy a vodka now and again and they had included this one from Dingle too to try.

    Gin explorer 4

    Our favourite was the Trevethian Cornish Gin, It was crisp and Fruity, really danced on the tongue. Definitely one I would try again.

    Gin explorer 5

    Gin explorer 6

    So what can I say about this fantastic box?!?

    It’s a great way to try new gins…who knew there were so many???

    It is a fair price per month at £24.99,  so if you’re in to trying new things but not going too overboard this will definitely be good for you.

    It’s got a lovely personal feel to it. You know the company really know their stuff and enjoy what they do.

    Ooh, I wonder if they have one person who has to try them all (reminds me of the episode of the Apprentice where they got hammered trying gins!)

    I also think this would make such a fantastic gift for a gin lover. My best friends are both Gin lovers so I am tempted to get them a 3 month subscription for £69.99 as I know they would love it.

    Have you ever tried this subscription box?

    Are you a a fan of Gin?

    What other subscription boxes do you love?

    *PR sample – No affiliate links


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    Review | Renaissance Lipsticks – Makeup Revolution

    Renaissance 1

    After much deliberation I decided to purchase 4 of the much spoken about Renaissance Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution.

    These are the newest lip installment from the TAM Beauty collective which are much more luxe than their original £1 lipsticks.


    Renaissance 2


    There is no denying the packaging looks familiar, think Charlotte Tilbury, Joan Collins and Esteé Lauder. It is metal, not plastic and really weighty.


    These are a mixture of satin and demi matte I believe and I managed to get my hand on 1 demi matte and 3 satin shades. Not that I would know as it doesn’t say on the packaging or the website what formula you are getting.


    Renaissance 3


    There are so many shades and I chose ones I thought would be suitable and easy to wear. All the shades match the colour on the bottom of lipstick in real life. On the website however, there is real discrepencies in the shade you see and the shade you get. My biggest piece of advice is to look for swatches where you can or see them in real life.

    The four shades I chose (left to right) are, Lifelong, Rebirth, Renew, Prime.

    Renaissance 4


    The scent is a fake sweet vanilla, it’s not too strong but most of their lipsticks smell the same.


    As you can see from the swatches you get an opaque colour from one swipe which is fantastic. They feel lovely and creamy on the lips, in fact they feel so similar to some of my favourite high end lip products. Definitely in a different league to their original lipsticks.

    Overall thoughts

    I am so impressed with these lipsticks. Being that they are only £4 makes them extremely good value for money. I have to admit that I want more now after buying these four shades. I hope they bring out more.

    My favourite shade is Lifelong, a deepened dusky rose and my most used is prime, a mauvey toned, pinky, browny nude!

    Renaissance 5

    Favourite – Lifelong


    Renaissance 6

    Most used – Prime


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    Wedding guest beauty essentials*

    As I approach my first anniversary it got me thinking about Spring being the season for weddings and I wanted to bring you my guide to beauty essentials if you’re a guest.

    The night before

    Make sure you have prepped your skin the night before so you wake up with a good base ready for the beauty you will be applying.

    I would highly recommend a sleeping pack or oil.

    The ones below are some I have used and love over the past 12 months.

    The morning

    Have a good breakfast. You are probably not going to eat till later (things always overrun) and you will more than likely be drinking.

    Glow but don’t sparkle

    A great tip is to wear a strobe cream or an illuminating primer to you have a radiance but not a chunky highlighter on the cheeks. You can also use a liquid highlighter like the Becca Moonstone highlighter in moonstone.

    Use a setting spray

    Find a setting spray that keeps your face in place all day. Dependent on what you’re looking for there are a number of different types, matte, dewy, high end, budget and my recommendations would be NYX and Rimmel.

    Make your feet comfortable

    You will probably be dancing the night away to a great covers band or a cheesy DJ, whatever it is you have to make sure your feet are comfy.

    Superdrug have got you covered if you need anything to help your feet all night


    Don’t sleep with your face on

    Cleansing is such an important part of the night. Get all that slap off before you have a glass of water and crash on your bed. These products are quick and you don’t have to faff!

    Have you any tips for beauty essentials for wedding guests?

    *Some of the products mentioned are pr samples.

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    On my face today #1 | ft Illamasqua, Anastasia Beverley Hills and Makeup Revolution

    Face today 1

    I love playing with makeup daily so I wanted to bring you a series called ‘On my face today’ which brings you some of my favourite looks I create when I do create them.

    Just to make sure there is no confusion, I don’t profess to be an expert at makeup but I do love playing with it and I feel good after using it so that’s all that matters really.

    So what did I have in my makeup armoury today?

    Face today 2

    As you can see there is a mix of high end and budget brands. Some you might recognise as cult favourites but some you may not have heard any hype over.

    Firstly, I tried for the first time the Illamasqua Skin Base today in the shade 03.

    face today 3

    I decided on this shade because it has a yellow tint to it and I am more Neutral Warm then cool so I tend to go for yellow foundations. The shade 02 is lighter and cooler and 3.5 is also cooler so I though this might be ideal for me.

    First impressions is good. It feels so lovely on the skin but it’s definitely high coverage which I wouldn’t use every day as my skin has been quite good lately.

    I have dry to normal skin but I think this would work for all skin types.

    I concealed as normal but added something I don’t ever hear about.

    The Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer has been my go to all week. This is in the shade Heart and is a lovely peachy neutral tone.

    face today 4

    I LOVE a cream or liquid blush for this time of year and the summer. It really does feel like it can help with the dewey effect I love.

    I highly recommend these, a little goes a long way and you can alter the intensity by adding more if you like – however, you really don’t need to. I always add a little more as I powder on top so it brings the shade down to a nice neutral tone.

    After setting my cream products with powder I then go in with this beauty from I Heart Makeup. The Bronze and Glow palette.

    face today 5

    I actually have used this so much I have hit pan on the bronzer.

    You can’t tell from the photo but this is a bronzer that is cool toned enough to be used for sculpting. I wish it was bigger than the highlight but never mind.

    I also have been using the highlight a lot and used it today.

    I can’t deny though that this little palette only really caters for fair to light skin tones – they should seriously consider diversifying this product to bring out more shades for other skin tones because it is amazing. AND it has a slight scent of cocoa to it too.

    This look really has focused around warm tones and I can always trust the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette to deliver those.

    face today 6

    Every time I use this palette I fall in love a little more.

    Every single shadow is just amazing and there is not one I have not used yet.

    I added my mascara, which I am currently testing out so don’t want to bring you that review yet (keep an eye on the blog) and added the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita II as it matches so well with any warm look.

    I finished off with my newly repurchased NYX Dewy setting spray.

    face today 7

    I am trialling a few at the minute and I keep going back to this one. I love it.

    This is the final look:

    face today 8

    I love how natural this is but also a little smokey.

    Let me know what you have been wearing today on your face or your favourite looks?


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