• Review | Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray*


    Setting sprays, the unsung hero of our makeup collection, and the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is no exception.

    This cult classic has had an overhaul and I have to admit I love it! However, this is the first time I have tried this product (I know BAD beauty blogger!)

    What is a setting spray?

    When I was little my Grandma told me that to keep my makeup on I should use Hair Lacquer (my Grandma’s way of saying Hairspray) and spray it over my face. Although I wouldn’t recommend that now, I have always searched for something that would keep my makeup on for longer and setting sprays are definitely the way forward.

    The ideas is that once you have applied your full face you can spritz this over and reassured it will help blend everything together seamlessly whilst keeping it in a place all day.

    The Test

    I decided I would by this on a week where I would have extraordinary circumstances to normal. I had my normal office days and on top of that I had a days training (which saw me sitting in 3 hours of traffic due to an old WWII bomb) and a trip to London to give a presentation, on a wet, clammy day.

    nighter 1

    First Thoughts


    I love the new packaging, the colour combination is nice as is the font they’ve used. I don’t quite understand why there are two lids though, perhaps that will remain a mystery. It is lightweight due to the bottle being plastic and it also helps that it is the travel size which fits perfectly in your handbag.

    nighter 2


    I shook the bottle first as directed and as with most new pumps you have to press it a couple of times to get the first full spray.

    I was delighted that the spray was a lovely fine mist and covered my face without it feeling wet.


    I had heard there was an unpleasant scent so I had pre-conceived opinions, however I was pleasantly surprised.

    Whilst there is a subtle scent it’s not the worst thing I have encountered and pretty much went away once I had it on my face.

    Texture / Consistency

    It dried very quickly, I was worried I would have to wait before putting my specs back on but it was about 10-15 seconds.


    After using this for a week I can honestly say I enjoyed this product. I have dry to normal skin for reference.

    The positives:

    • My makeup stayed on ALL DAY even through my busy day in London (My glasses rub off all the makeup on my nose so to even have a little left over was a miracle).
    • The size of the travel version is so convenient and the price for this size (£10) is actually not too bad. It’s so effective I wouldn’t need to use this every time I did my makeup so this size would suit me better.
    • The spritz really is refreshing and I was surprised each time I used it how cooling it was.

    This is definitely a product I would repurchase.

    nighter 3

    Final thoughts

    Do I think this is the holy grail, would never leave my side setting spray?

    In all honesty I have tried so many setting sprays, budget, high end, and this has performed the best out of all of them so far, however I always think there is better… I can’t help it.

    Have you tried this?

    Are you a setting spray fan?

    Would you recommend something different?

    Would you like to see a setting spray series on the blog in the future?

    *this post contains PR samples


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    Review | Philosophy Skincare (Moisturiser, Eye cream and Facial Wash)*

    Philosophy 1

    I was sent a few things to review from philosophy recently, their moisturiser, renewed hope in a jar, their eye cream, renewed hope in a jar eye, and their facial wash, purity made simple.

    I have now been using them for a month and I wanted to give you a break down of my thoughts and what I would recommend out of these three items.

    For reference, my skin is naturally dry to normal. I get an oily nose from my glasses but I do need to make sure I keep my skin moisturised regularly.

    Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Facial Wash 240ml – £18.00

    Philosophy 2

    This is Philosophy’s award winning facial cleanser. The claims are that is cleans away all dirt and oil from your face. It is a foaming cleanser that you use morning and night.

    This was my least favourite product. It has such an overpowering scent that for me, stings my eyes. Personally I am not a fan of foaming cleansers that strip oil from the skin. As I said before, I have dry skin so this personally didn’t work for me.

    Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean the product isn’t good though – I have read so many other reviews who love this product.

    The positives are that you get a large amount of product for the price, your skin feels very clean after use and even though the scent is strong it’s a lovely scent. I will definitely be using this as a body wash from here on in so as not to waste the product.

    Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye Cream 15ml – £29.50

    Philosophy 3

    This eye cream is the partner of the moisturiser so it was really nice to be able to try this. The claims are that this eye cream will reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles and reduce the look of fine lines. I really enjoyed using this, however I don’t have many problems with my eyes so not able to say whether it lives up to the claims.

    I can confirm that it makes my eyes feel cool and awake when I use it so it does feel nice and I will most likely finish it. At the moment it is in top spot for the first eye cream I will purchase if I would require one.

    Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturiser 60ml – £35.50

    Philosophy 4

    This is a cult classic and with good reason. I have really really enjoyed using this product. It’s a great consistency and sinks straight in to my skin. The claims are that this will refine texture and pores which is definitely something I require.

    I am really happy with the outcome of using this and the only thing that annoys me is that it is in a jar. If this was in a tube I would honestly say it was my holy grail.

    It has a thick lovely consistency and gives a lovely finish to the skin that stays soft all day.

    I use it as a night cream mostly because I like my facial cream to have spf and the great thing is there is a Renewed Hope in a Jar with spf25.

    This product comes highly recommended from me if you have similar skin to me. They also have a version for oily skin and for extra dry.

    The next product I would like to try is the overnight cream (if you are a regular reader you know this is one of my favourite things to try).

    Have you tried Philosophy?

    What would you recommend I try next?

    *this post contains pr samples



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    Review | MAC x Mariah Carey Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush


    When the MAC x Mariah Carey collection landed in November 2016 I knew I had to get my hands on as much as possible. As part of my haul I got the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush.

    I have now been using this for a while (although you wouldn’t know!) and I have to say, I am impressed.

    This is the first single MAC blush I have ever used and it’s left a lasting impression on me. (I do have a blush in the nutcracker sweet compacts).

    As a huge fan of Mariah Carey (in the 90s) Sweet Fantasy was one of my favourite songs, although that wasn’t the reason I bought the blush.

    As soon as I saw the shade I was hooked.

    In the photo’s the shade pulls slighty pinker than in real life. It’s definitely more peachy toned but still with a lovely pink undertone. Almost coral.

    Fantasy 2

    The texture of the blush is silky smooth, which you expect from MAC, but the thing I love most is ow it goes on.

    This feels slightly sheer and it’s absolutely buildable.

    I keep finding that I reach for this a lot because it goes with so many looks and because I am using a lot of warmer eyeshadows at the moment (who isn’t!?!) this really lends itself to it.

    Fantasy 3

    I have used this more than 10 times but I don’t even see a change in the texture – it looks brand new!

    I can’t really compare this shade to anything either I’ve got in my collection but if you do manage to find something similar it really will get you through the spring and summer.

    I love that this was a limited edition collection. The packaging on this was pretty basic in comparison to the rest of the collection but it does make me want to buy more limited edition items.

    As a makeup collector I think I enjoy that part more and limited edition always looks so beautiful.

    Did you get your hands on either of the MAC x Mariah Carey Blushes?

    Do you have a blush of a similar shade you think I would enjoy?


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    Review | MUA Burning Embers Palette

    Burning embers 1

    I have been picking up my Burning Embers palette (£8.00) up every time I haven’t been sure what look to go for and I have been playing with it so much.

    This popped on to my radar when the lovely Vicky from Beauty Breaks with Vicky spoke about it on her YouTube channel and blog and I had been searching for it since.

    About a month ago I found it at Superdrug (it feels like it was out of stock for ages!) and I was so happy to finally have it in my possession.

    This palette holds 25 shadows, 12 of which are matte shadows and the rest are shimmers / metallics / duochrome shadows.

    Burning embers 2

    I haven’t any other MUA palettes in my collection as I have swatched a few in store and haven’t been majorly impressed by the quality….till now.

    This also felt like a real springtime palette – all picks and rosey tones.

    What can I tell you about this palette:

    • The consistency of the powders varies with the mattes being quite powdery and the metallics are almost wet.
    • The shades are pretty unique. There is a white duochrome pinky/purple which you can only really use on top of other shadows to change up.
    • It’s not like your normal warm palettes with there being reddy pinks rather than burnt oranges.
    • Although it’s a small price it is actually rather good quality
    • On top of primer these last all day (although on me most shadows last all day on primer)
    Burning embers 3


    Burning embers 4

    As you can see the quality is there for sure.

    I used a black shadow stick on my lids and the duochrome on top and it created such a beautiful look. I also used the shadow on my lips which is lovely for making a different sort of ombre lip.

    Burning embers 5

    Have you tried this palette from MUA yet?

    Are there any looks you think you would create with this?

    Any MUA palettes you would recommend? Having tried this I really love the shadows and would be tempted to try another one.


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