• Naked Heat Palette Launch and Swatches

    Heat 1

    The Naked Heat Palette Launches on the 27th July 2017 in shops across the UK after they did a flash release last month.

    As you know I managed to get my hands on one and did a first impression and also bought one for a giveaway. I then was sent one to review and I thought it would be a great time to swatch it for you properly as you didn’t get to see them with an update on my thoughts.

    The packaging is so beautiful but a little chunky for my preference. I do think I prefer a cardboard style packaging over chunky plastic as I like how slim the palettes can be.

    This one doesn’t fit in my palette storage so it’s slightly frustrating. Aside from that though it really is unique and represents what is inside perfectly.

    Heat 2

    When you open the palette you are hit with the most gorgeous reds, almost like brick colours and as said in my first impression it’s all quite samey.

    I have to admit, now I have used it more I am finding that this palette works the best using shades as one / two shade eye looks so this is really good for someone who has maybe never used a palette before but want something really simple yet effective on their lid.

    Heat 3

    The most impressive thing is the pigmentation of each and every one of these.

    They all perform so beautifully on the eye. The blending is just gorgeous on these.

    I have one bug bear, it’s so minor though but there isn’t a lovely light metallic shade. Not that EVERY other palette I own doesn’t have one so it’s not like I am lacking one, just if this is the only palette you own you will need to find something like that to help finish off your look.

    Heat 4

    You can see from the swatches how gorgeous each and every one swatches.

    You will be able to get this palette on the Urban Decay website for £39.50.


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    W7 Glowcomotion Highlighter Reviews

    Glowcomotion 1

    Glowcomotion is the highlighter from W7 that has really impressed me since I bought the original earlier this year. When I saw they had a new one called Pink it up! I was really excited.

    These are so affordable and if you haven’t already seen it, the original is a dupe for the Mary Lou Manizer.


    I really enjoyed the fact you could get this at a fraction of the price.

    Here is the lowdown:


    Glowcomotion 2

    They are very average packaging, slightly bulky, plastic BUT they do have a mirror which I am well impressed with. You also get SO. MUCH. PRODUCT!


    Glowcomotion 3

    The texture of these is super soft and creamy. I find they give a lovely sheen and no glitter. There is something really quite special about these as they may be budget alternatives to most highlighters, but to me, they feel like high end.


    Glowcomotion 4

    I have to admit that the colours look nothing like the pan colour but that’s great. The pink would be way too dark for my skin tone at first glance but once sheered out it’s a beautiful silvery shade.

    The original one does need a lighter hand for my skin tone, like the Mary Lou Manizer but it’s still workable.

    I think these are great shades and I think the pink one is really unique. I don’t have anything like it in my collection at the moment.


    Like most highlighters these stay on as long as I don’t rub my face and use a setting spray.


    These are £6.95 each – less than 7 quid. That to me means you should really at least buy one to try. They are really a great addition to your makeup collection, even if you’re not a fan of budget things normally.

    Overall thoughts

    I am really impressed by these. I am. They are a cut above the other budget highlighters in my opinion and they really have surprised me by coming out with the lovely pink shade.

    Have you tried these?



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    Essence Cosmetics my first thoughts

    Essence 1

    Essence Makeup has been on my radar for a really long time and over the years I have picked up one or two things. A lippy here, a nail polish there but never many products.

    I wanted to bring you my thoughts on the products I have firmly in my makeup collection.

    MascarasEssence 2

    Essence 3

    I picked up the lash princess mascara in sculpted volume (purple print) and volume (peach print) and both have been really impressive. I have actually finished the sculpted volume and so far it’s been my favourite.

    It has a curved natural bristle brush and the formula seems to be less clumpy. The volume one has plastic bristles and they look like a adder head (similar to the MUR viper mascara).

    They also have one with green print and I really want to try that one.

    These come in at £3.30 each and for mascara that performs better than some of my higher end mascaras it’s an absolute steal!


    This is my holy grail eyeliner. It’s super fine, it’s super easy to use, it’s jet black. It’s just stunning. If you want to get the perfect winged liner look no further than this super mazing eyeliner. Even the name says it all, Super Precise Eyeliner.

    They have a couple of others but they don’t have the brush like tip.

    This holy grail product comes in at £2.30!!!

    Blush palette

    Essence 5

    Essence 6

    Essence 7

    These blushplay blush palettes are brilliant. 2 shades, one for definition and one for sculpting (which it says on the pan) and a highlighter.

    I have been picking these up so much. The colours are really pigmented and they blend well.

    I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much but I saw they had ‘new’ next to them and I thought they looked different and exciting.

    Each of the palettes are £4.00 which I can’t quite believe.

    What do you think of these? Would you pick them up?

    Do you like affordable makeup?


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    Ultimate Blush, Light and Contour Palette Makeup Revolution

    Ultimate 1Ultimate, definitely the right word for this palette. This is a huge Blush, Light and Contour palette from Makeup Revolution.

    I decided to purchase this when it was on offer. I paid £10 (I know!!!!) for 32 different shades which actually work well across the board on my skin.

    I did purchase this a while ago but I have been trying them all out so I could give a proper review of this product.

    Firstly, it is a very large plastic palette that has a small mirror in the middle of the lid. I think that if they even tried to put a full size mirror in this it would have been far too heavy. This isn’t something you will be putting in your travel case that’s for sure.

    The great thing is with this is you will never run out of blush for any season.

    Ultimate 2

    Each of the shades is the size of a full size blush from their £1 range so you are saving £22 at the price I paid and you get the greatest shade range.

    On the left is your highlighters. When I swatched them with my finger I couldn’t see any pigment…I was slightly disappointed but with a brush you get the most gorgeous sheen on the cheeks. Some of them are really subtle whilst others are so blinding you have to use a light hand.

    The second row is your cool tone blushers and the third row is your warmer tones. Some are satin, some shimmery and some matte which I really love as you get all those formulas.

    The final row is the bronzers and they are cool, warm, shimmery, anything you need to be honest.

    Ultimate 3

    I was worried the top right would be a tad light for a bronzer but it’s so perfect for fair skin tones.

    Any of the others I would possibly struggle with would make beautiful crease or eyeshadow colours.

    I have to admit this is stunning and I really didn’t have any preconceived ideas about it but I also wasn’t overwhelmed on the website so when it came I was excited to give it a try.

    I find them all blendable and I find them amazingly pigmented. Not so much you can’t blend but enough to show up on the skin.

    Have you tried this palette? Do you think you would buy a huge palette like this to use at home?


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    ELF Flawless Finish Foundation


    ELF came to UK, FINALLY! And I decided to try everything. Much to my surprise the flawless finish foundation really went beyond my expectations.

    You get a 25 ml bottle (smaller than most bottles) but you don’t have to worry as the price is small too. I got the shade porcelain (although it says Nude on the packaging!)

    It’s a glass frosted bottle which I wouldn’t expect from a budget brand and it’s got a lid and a pump (it really reminds me of NARS packaging).

    flawless 2

    The texture of foundation is thicker than I normally use but it’s got a lovely cooling effect and it smooths on to the skin beautifully. To be quite frank it does what it says on the box (not the bottle as it doesn’t say, annoyingly) it’s FLAWLESS!

    I used a blending sponge and it’s the best way to use this I think.

    They don’t have a massive shade range but this was fair and I think it’s actually a really good colour match for me.

    Flawless 3

    The lasting time on this is about 4 hours but lasts well with powder and setting spray.

    I actually have to admit I was shocked at how great this was. I didn’t have high expectations. How good can it be for under £10? Well extremely fantastically good I can tell you.

    I would go as far as to say that this is comparable to many high end foundations. The closest dupe to the Illamasqua skin finish I can find (if you like that!).

    I have normal to dry skin so I don’t know how this would work for someone with oily skin but it would be great to know if anyone has had the same experience as me.

    Flawless 4

    Would you try this foundation? Have you tried this? Do you have a different skin type to me? Did you know that ELF was stocked at Superdrug now?


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