• Simply Scrub Rose and Soursop Review

    I was recently asked to try some lovely organic scrubs from Simply Scrub recently and with it being that time of year that my skin needs that bit ‘extra’ care I was excited to give them a go.

    They came really quickly even though they were sent from the States and they are packaged really nicely in plastic jars with a screw top lid. You can also get packets like coffee scrub comes in but I love this as you can pop the lid back on when you’re done.

    On their website they state the following:

    “We spent two years doing some matchmaking, finding out which all-natural, all-organic ingredients made skin the happiest when their powers combined. Like little mad scientists, we were on the hunt for our own golden ratios.

    The result? Four 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-Free rubs that know how to move in all sorts of (not-so-mysterious) ways. SimplyScrub is just simple.”

    I was so excited about how these would compare to my favourite scrubs so I tried them both over a couple of months and now I want to tell you about what I found.

    Soursop Scrub

    I was so intrigued about Soursop as I hadn’t heard of the ingredient before.

    When I opened the jar there is such a hebally, minty, fresh scent that omits from it.

    I have to admit the look of the scrub wasn’t appealing but I still used it.

    For me this not only made my skin soft but it also reinvigorated and gave my skin a freshness, a real wake up call. This is a scrub I preferred to use in the morning with a shower as it made me feel really awake.

    It does get everywhere but most scrubs do and it easily goes down the plug hole.

    Rose Scrub

    I love rose scents and this brings back memories of crushing rose petals in water to make ‘perfume’.

    As you can see this is packed with rose petals and it is just perfect for the end of the day. Out of the two this one was my favourite scent but it was the hardest to use. It is quite loose so it’s hard to get a handful but if you take a small handful and work it in slowly it is really worth it.

    Overall I really enjoyed these and if you’re looking for a lovely gift for Christmas (or any time!) I would recommend giving them a go.

    Have you tried scrubs like this before? Have you had anything from Simply Scrub?


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    The Small YouTuber Craze – 10k or less

    I have seen so many people complaining that the bigger YouTubers are out of touch and difficult to relate to these days (see post from Blogger Caity Lou) and just too polished.

    Therefore, as a small YouTuber myself, I wanted to give you a list of all my favourite YouTubers, AND keep this list updated, so please, if you have any YouTubers you love than comment on this post!

    I have put them in alphabetical order for you to make it easier.

    All things Kerri

    A cruelty free beauty youtuber almost at the 500 subby mark.

    small youtuber 1

    Behind the scent

    I have been following her blog for ages but seeing Kirsties channel is awesome. Especially if you love perfume and beauty!

    small youtubers 18

    Blonde Elle

    A vlogger with just over 8k subscribers. Check her out for every day vlogs, vegan food and random Careoke!

    small youtuber 2

    Diary of a 40 something

    I have recently come across this awesome beauty youtuber, unboxer extraordinairre.

    small youtuber 20

    Gracie Saunderson

    With just over 5.4k subscribers Gracie is a natural in front of the camera and is primarily beauty focussed.

    small youtuber 3

    Haley Louise

    If you like variety you have to go check out Haley Louise’s channel, currently under 1k subbies.

    small youtuber 4


    Beauty YouTuber and Blogger just cracked the 1.5k mark. Great videos with a sense of humour!

    small youtuber 5

    Idle Girl

    Absolutely cracking personality – so infectious – you can’t help but smile! Beauty blogger, loves bringing you the more purse friendly deals.

    small youtuber 6

    Leah XL

    ME! Just over 2.7k so far. All things beauty and some chatty vids too.

    small youtuber 7

    Leah XO

    Don’t get confused – we didn’t choose to have similar names but it just happened. Just over 5k subbies, weekly beauty videos.

    small youtuber 8

    Melody Collis

    Beauty and lifestyle youtuber just over 4k subbies. A complete Lush addict!

    small youtuber 19


    If you want beauty unboxings check out this gem of a youtuber, 2.3k subbies and growing quickly!

    small youtubers 16

    Nadia Kour

    An amazing beauty youtuber who has just cracked 3k subscribers.

    small youtubers 17

    Samantha Jaelle

    If you want beauty reviews on budget brands you got it. Flying past 4k recently and growing quickly!

    smaller youtuber 19

    The Clare Necessities

    One of my original inspirations and one of the lovely beauty youtubers who I have known the longest. A collection to be envious of. Just over 1.2k subscribers.

    small youtuber 9

    Veronika Shares

    Veronika was originally a subscriber of mine and wanted to start a channel – so she did and is nearly at 500 subbies.

    small youtuber 12

    Victoria Jay

    Another good YouTuber friend who primarily did beauty but recently has new additions which she has blogged about. Nearly at 1k subscribers.

    small youtuber 10


    A cruelty free beauty addict with under 5k subbies.

    small youtuber 11

    Well Hello Rachel

    A relatively new YouTuber who has just cracked the 100 subbies mark! Beauty and favourites are her thing. She’s also pretty awesome in real life!

    small youtuber 13

    Have you checked any of these out? What do you prefer smaller youtubers or the more professional?


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    Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Review

    Bum Bum cream (pronounced Boom Boom, apparently) is a much hyped product from Sol De Janeiro.

    This is an American based company (although it says it’s Brazilian…) who produce this product and I have heard so many people talk about it on their YouTube videos.

    The price so far has put me off the product but I saw this duo travel set on Cult Beauty which has a 75ml body butter and a 90ml body spray included and had to give it a try.

    bum bum 1

    The most talked about thing is the scent of this collection so the first thing I did was open the pot and take a big sniff to see what the fuss was about.

    It’s impossible to describe properly but there is something warming, tropical, floral and all round delicious about the smell. It’s a summertime scent for sure.

    So far I have used this a few times and I get a billion compliments on the scent every time I use it.

    bum bum 2

    I use the cream first, which is a lovely thick body butter (not quite as thick as the one from soap and glory) which sinks in to the skin like a dream. I have to admit this really kept my skin hydrated all day.

    The scent. The scent stays on your body forever. I used this on my arms and d√©colletage¬† area as I didn’t want to use too much all over the body and a little goes a long way.

    bum bum 3

    Immediately after using the cream I used a few sprays of the body spray to ensure it lasts and it really does.

    I sprayed it on my hair and it was scented for days after, until I washed it.

    bum bum 4

    The packaging of both of these isn’t luxury but the price is. However, it’s not too much of an issue as the products themselves are identifiable and robust.

    I honestly wish I hadn’t enjoyed this as much as I do as I absolutely don’t want to be without this duo, especially the cream.

    If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for someone then I would definitely consider this duo. However, you might regret purchasing it as it’s not something you would want to be without.

    Have you tried either of these?

    What do you think?


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