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    Thanks for dropping by.

    I have to admit that although my blog is primarily about the things I love and what is happening in my life I am particularly bad at writing the ‘About Me’ page.

    You’d think after blogging since 2010 I would be much better at this part than I am so I will give you the low down on me and my blog.

    I’m currently in my late 30s heading towards 40 (I shouldn’t wish my life away but I am) and I live in the heart of Derbyshire with my wife Claire and our dog Rupert, a loopy chocolate lab that we adore (possibly a little too much).

    When I initially started blogging I wanted to document the goings on of my single life as I had just turned 30, was living on my own and was having as much fun as possible.  It was pretty hilarious, terribly written but it really was me, a little 3G notebook and my musings.

    I then stumbled upon plus size blogging and thought, hey, I am a fat girl who likes to wear clothes, maybe I could do this?  I wasn’t very good at it as I couldn’t get the right photo angle and I never felt like I was really getting the review of the outfits right. I try so hard but I am so awkward in front of a static picture.

    I took up YouTube and beauty became my thing and Leah XL was born as a name for my blog. I wanted to keep it neutral so I could change it if things changed and they have. After years writing about beauty I found my heart wasn’t in it.

    Now though I am happily writing my blog when I want, about what I want and how I want.

    I am really taking control of my little space on the internet and I will continue to enjoy sharing things with the people that read it.

    (and by writing all the above I have filled my about me page! YAY)

    Leah x

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