About me

Leah is in her 9th year of blogging, sharing the perks of being a plus sized, bisexual, married, nearly 40 year old loving life and other stuff.

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Thanks for dropping by!

I have to admit that although my blog is primarily about the things I love and what is happening in my life I am particularly bad at writing the ‘About Me’ page. You’d think after blogging since 2010 I would be much better at this part than I am so I will give you the low down on me and my blog and see if that tickles your fancy.

I’m currently in my late 30s heading towards 40 (I shouldn’t wish my life away but I am) and I live in the heart of Derbyshire with my wife Claire and our dog Rupert, a loopy chocolate lab that we adore (possibly a little too much).

My blog has had various different guises but lately I have been writing about my life and the things that are going on like saving or making money, buying my first house, filling said house with beautiful things and my love of plus size fashion, beauty and vegging in front of the TV in my PJs.

Over the years I have worked with some incredible brands and had some great opportunities including Revolution Beauty, Urban Decay, Simply Be, JD Williams and Ideal World.

If I am not blogging or watching TV you’ll usually find me trying to work out how to crochet (still not got past a scarf), starting projects I never finish, listening to an audio book or the Archers (I KNOW, Shhh) whilst I cook or drinking a cup of tea with rice milk.

Although not an award winning blog I did once create the Style XL Blog Awards for my venture Style XL in 2017 so instead of winning anything I got to give other amazing people recognition. I’m really proud of pulling stuff like that off and probably will continue to do little projects that bring together the blogging community when I get time.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight to me. If you do have any questions please do contact me via any of the links above. 

Leah x