I have never ordered any of my beauty essentials on an online chemist before…I normally buy from the supermarket or from Boots / Superdrug but when I was contacted by Chemist.co.uk I was so excited to be able to get all I need at the click of a button which was affordable and targeted at the essential needs I had.

They offered me the opportunity to order a few bits with a voucher and I was happy to give it a try.

This is what the website looks like this:


I like the layout of the website – makes it easy to search what I am looking for by choosing from the tabs along the top but also has a clear search bar if you need to find something instantly.

I got the following items:

Body Puffs

We go through these so much…mainly as my hair gets caught in them and ruins them…it’s a curly thing.

chemist 2

Razors and blades

Blade Refills are usually so expensive but they were quite inexpensive on this site. We have a gillette each so share blades but also need disposables for trips away.

chemist 3


We needed new toothbrushes and these were really inexpensive and so far these have been an absolute winner for us – so much so we’re trying to get some more

chemist 4

Johnson Cotton Buds

These are some of the best cotton buds. We use them for so much. For me it’s mainly cleaning up eyeliner mistakes or smudging nail polish.

chemist 5


It was so good to see these on offer and I always need to have these on me. I get terrible IBS when stressed and although I can keep the attack at bay at home when I am not at home it really helps me to avoid bad attack.

chemist 6

Face cleansing products

Simple cleansing wipes were on such a special offer that I couldn’t not get them. I love the Johnson’s one but I can’t find it at a cheap price but my second favourite is the Simple wipes.

I have been dying to try the St Ives scrub too so was pleased to see this at an affordable price so had to get my hands on this. A review will come soon I am sure.

chemist 7

Lip balm and hand cream

It’s the time of year that we all tend to suffer with dryness. The Dr Paw Paw acts as a multipurpose balm which I love and it’s such a large tube. I also really was happy to see the overnight handream from E45 as this is the time of year my wrist usually flares up.

chemist 8

Hair bands

I always need them, I can buy a thousand in one month and still have a grubby one from years ago left in my box. WHERE DO THEY GO?

chemist 9

and finally, a beauty product caught my eye

The LA Girl Concealer in Toast

I thought this would be a great time to try the darker concealer as a cream contour.

It is slightly warmer but I would still like to try it and they had it at the best price I have ever seen it.

chemist 10

I received my order within 48 hours of submitting the order and it was packaged really well.

I would definitely recommend using this website if you are searching for your beauty / care essentials!

Have you ever used an online chemist before? Have you used chemist.co.uk before?