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If there is one part of the body that we regularly take for granted, it has to be our feet. All of our ten toes have to bear a heavy load when we are on our feet all day, so they deserve a bit of TLC every now and then. But there are also some steps you should take every day to ensure that your feet are always at their best. Follow these tips to look after your tootsies!

Don’t Forget To Moisturise

You will remember to moisturise your face every day, but it is also important that you remember to apply some moisturiser or lotion to your feet each day too. This will prevent any hard skin from developing along the side of the feet, which can often happen when we wear shoes for a long time. You can buy specialist foot moisturiser from most drug stores, but if you don’t have any you can just use the lotion that you use on your face.

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Soak Them Regularly

As well as moisturising your feet every day, you should also remember to soak them every so often. Once a fortnight should be enough. Soaking them in warm water can help to soften any hard skin that develops and will prevent the appearance of calluses. If you want an extra luxurious soak, you might want to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the water. Alternatively, treat yourself to a foot spa!

Let Them Breathe

Ideally, you should kick off your shoes and socks as soon as you get home on an evening. If you can’t bear walking around the house in bare feet, you should get some sandals, like a pair of Havaianas. You can check them out and all their different styles online. These can protect your feet while also letting them breathe. By airing your feet in this way, you are greatly reducing your chances of athlete’s foot.

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Keep Your Nails Trimmed

You wouldn’t let your fingernails grow way too long, so why leave your toenails? But this isn’t for an aesthetic reason. Sure, overgrown toenails can look unsightly and even end up snapping off, but there is another reason you need to trim them to a sensible length – they can be very painful. The long nails will rub against the inside of your shoes constantly, and this will greatly irritate your skin.

Always Wear Shoes That Fit

Think it’s ok to try and get away with a pair of shoes that are slightly too big or too small? Think again! It’s very important that you only wear shoes that are properly fitting, especially if you are on your feet all day. If your shoes are too small, they will be tight and could cause blisters. It’s also a good idea to break in a new pair of shoes around the house so that you get used to them before you wear them outside.

Looking after your feet will really make a difference. You’ll never have sore tootsies again!

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