I was recently asked to try some lovely organic scrubs from Simply Scrub recently and with it being that time of year that my skin needs that bit ‘extra’ care I was excited to give them a go.

They came really quickly even though they were sent from the States and they are packaged really nicely in plastic jars with a screw top lid. You can also get packets like coffee scrub comes in but I love this as you can pop the lid back on when you’re done.

On their website they state the following:

“We spent two years doing some matchmaking, finding out which all-natural, all-organic ingredients made skin the happiest when their powers combined. Like little mad scientists, we were on the hunt for our own golden ratios.

The result? Four 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-Free rubs that know how to move in all sorts of (not-so-mysterious) ways. SimplyScrub is just simple.”

I was so excited about how these would compare to my favourite scrubs so I tried them both over a couple of months and now I want to tell you about what I found.

Soursop Scrub

I was so intrigued about Soursop as I hadn’t heard of the ingredient before.

When I opened the jar there is such a hebally, minty, fresh scent that omits from it.

I have to admit the look of the scrub wasn’t appealing but I still used it.

For me this not only made my skin soft but it also reinvigorated and gave my skin a freshness, a real wake up call. This is a scrub I preferred to use in the morning with a shower as it made me feel really awake.

It does get everywhere but most scrubs do and it easily goes down the plug hole.

Rose Scrub

I love rose scents and this brings back memories of crushing rose petals in water to make ‘perfume’.

As you can see this is packed with rose petals and it is just perfect for the end of the day. Out of the two this one was my favourite scent but it was the hardest to use. It is quite loose so it’s hard to get a handful but if you take a small handful and work it in slowly it is really worth it.

Overall I really enjoyed these and if you’re looking for a lovely gift for Christmas (or any time!) I would recommend giving them a go.

Have you tried scrubs like this before? Have you had anything from Simply Scrub?