Bum Bum cream (pronounced Boom Boom, apparently) is a much hyped product from Sol De Janeiro.

This is an American based company (although it says it’s Brazilian…) who produce this product and I have heard so many people talk about it on their YouTube videos.

The price so far has put me off the product but I saw this duo travel set on Cult Beauty which has a 75ml body butter and a 90ml body spray included and had to give it a try.

bum bum 1

The most talked about thing is the scent of this collection so the first thing I did was open the pot and take a big sniff to see what the fuss was about.

It’s impossible to describe properly but there is something warming, tropical, floral and all round delicious about the smell. It’s a summertime scent for sure.

So far I have used this a few times and I get a billion compliments on the scent every time I use it.

bum bum 2

I use the cream first, which is a lovely thick body butter (not quite as thick as the one from soap and glory) which sinks in to the skin like a dream. I have to admit this really kept my skin hydrated all day.

The scent. The scent stays on your body forever. I used this on my arms and décolletage  area as I didn’t want to use too much all over the body and a little goes a long way.

bum bum 3

Immediately after using the cream I used a few sprays of the body spray to ensure it lasts and it really does.

I sprayed it on my hair and it was scented for days after, until I washed it.

bum bum 4

The packaging of both of these isn’t luxury but the price is. However, it’s not too much of an issue as the products themselves are identifiable and robust.

I honestly wish I hadn’t enjoyed this as much as I do as I absolutely don’t want to be without this duo, especially the cream.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for someone then I would definitely consider this duo. However, you might regret purchasing it as it’s not something you would want to be without.

Have you tried either of these?

What do you think?