Audible caught me by surprise because when I was younger I was a proper bookworm, my nose was in a book and always was, up till I was about 25 and the internet really took off. I ended up working so hard and doing so much in my spare time I didn’t have time to read anymore.

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Over the last 10 years or so I read a couple of books a year but never as much as I wanted or could really get back in to.

However, a year ago I decided to trial Audible.

The main reason to trial it was to download and listen to Harry Potter. Although I had seen the movies I had never read the books and everyone told me they were excellent. I felt like I had missed out as I knew it would have been something I really enjoyed. Also, Stephen Fry, that wonderful man, was the narrator.

My second reason for the trial was starting a new job, 1 hour from home. With 2 hours a day to kill in the car and not always wanting to listen to music I thought it would be a good way to bring my mood up in the morning and help me to de-stress on the way home.

After I finished the first book I was hooked. I decided to pay the £7.99 which allows you 1 credit per month. This credit can be exchanged for any book at any price. The thing is, audio books are expensive. At least 3 x the price of a book. Sometimes they have deals on where you can purchase 2 for 1 in a certain selection and that credit will still be applied for the two, which I have done twice now.

You also get the option to purchase more credits if you would like. 3 additional credits costs £18 so £6 a book. Still a fantastic discount and really, new books cost about £6.99 on the whole (if physical books) so I feel the cost is justified.

What makes listening so much better than reading

The number 1 thing about listening to a story being read is the voice of the narrator. Every book so far I have listened to, the narrator has been great at differentiating the characters with their voice, whether it’s an accent change or an adjustment in tone. I do this in my own head anyway so it’s nice to hear it realistically.

The second pro is it means I get to listen to books I wouldn’t have picked up to read usually. By this I mean there are stories which I struggle, linguistically or the subject to get my head in to, however I have listened to more things other than just my usual chick-lit that used to devour my bookshelf.

My initial foray in to listening to audio books was when a friend lent me a CD audio book, The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. A book I would never have picked up. The setting, the storyline, everything about the book would not have drawn me to it. However, it still is to this day one of the best books I have ‘read’. I found the story so enthralling, willing the characters all the time and loving the descriptions of the areas which I found myself. Yet still, if in a bookshop, I wouldn’t pick anything like it up.

The practicality of listening to books is what makes it great for me. As I said I have 2 hours in my car (that’s a minimum too) every week day. I like being entertained. I also believe that book reading or listening is important for broadening language. My job and my hobby (this blog) both include writing. Who wouldn’t want to enhance their skills this way?

Why I chose audible?

Audible is part of Amazon and I felt that it lead the way in terms of audio books. Most of the official audio books are on the list. I have yet to come across any books which have not been featured on here. It’s not to say it won’t happen but it’s definitely not been a struggle so far.

I know this isn’t a free service but I think they have the balance right in how many credits you get per month. Although I started with one credit per month I am moving towards two credits which is £14.99 per month.

I did once (a long time ago) download an app that had free audio books on but the narrators were really bad, not easy to listen to, almost digital voices.

In summary

I have to say my passion for reading has been reignited because of audio books and I would highly recommend to anyone giving it a try. Believe it or not I am not affiliated to or have been asked to write anything, this is completely my own experience.

They do have a free trial so if you did want to give it a go you have 30 days to change your mind.

I will be reviewing books and giving you an update on what I’m listening each month (check out my last post) so keep an eye out for those.

Do you have an account already?

Would you try one?