• Ways to Remove Body Hair You Don’t Want

    Hair removal techniques are not limited to waxing or shaving. So, if you are tired of those traditional at-home procedures you’ll be happy to know that other options exist. Some of those options include hair removal creams and sugaring, which is a similar process to waxing but tends to be more effective. Another option is laser hair removal. Each method has its own benefits and detriments to consider. Some of those are described below.

    laser 1

    Removing Unwanted Hair Without Pain

    The truth of the matter is that one of the most painless way to remove unwanted hair is to shave it off. However, if you want to use that painless method the trade off is that you will be shaving all the time. Shaving is, in fact, one of the most inaccurate forms of hair removal. It is easy to find that you have missed certain hairs after the process is over, and those that your razor does chop off will quickly poke back through your skin again.

    Another painless way to remove hair is to use a depilatory cream. Depilatory creams contain ingredients formulated to eventually cause hair to fall out. However, the process is far from instant or consistent. Also, you have to remember to apply the cream as directed on an ongoing basis if you want to see any results at all.

    Slightly More Uncomfortable (But Effective) Forms of Hair Removal

    When considering the slightly more uncomfortable forms of hair removal, one of the first ones that probably springs to mind is laser hair removal. In fact, the use of laser for hair removal 

    is so popular that laser hair removal clinics are prevalent in many areas, especially large cities. It might sound like having your skin treated with a hot laser beam would be extremely painful, but it really isn’t. The reason is that laser treatment for hair removal is not performed until the skin is numbed. Also, cooling air can be used to control discomfort throughout the treatment process, which often takes no more than an hour.

    Even though laser hair removal is slightly more uncomfortable than shaving or using depilatory cream the benefit may be worth it to you. That benefit is that the lasers can immediately and accurately target each hair and weaken it. After the hairs have been weakened enough through multiple treatments they will fall out. Then you can enjoy a long period of time before they come back. It may take weeks to return, while hairs removed with shaving come back in days. The difference occurs because lasers can remove hidden portions of hair under your skin.

    Even More Uncomfortable but Accurate Hair Removal

    Of all of the hair removal techniques available electrolysis is one of the most uncomfortable you can try. As the name suggests, the process involves treating each hair with an electricity. Electrolysis is one of the most accurate ways of getting rid of unwanted hair to the point where some of it may never grow back. However, it is not a treatment used for major hair removal jobs, such as shaving your legs. It is typically meant to permanently remove one or two stray hairs growing in annoying areas, such as on your face.

    Other Hair Removal Options to Think About

    There are other hair removal options to consider as well. For example, waxing and sugaring are popular forms of hair removal, which you can often do at home on your own. Sugaring often produces longer-lasting results than waxing. But individual results can vary. You may also choose to employ multiple hair removal methods for the best results, which may or may not include waxing or sugaring. The choice will depend on how much hair you want to remove and whether your priorities are financial, convenience or comfort-based.

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    Simply Scrub Rose and Soursop Review

    I was recently asked to try some lovely organic scrubs from Simply Scrub recently and with it being that time of year that my skin needs that bit ‘extra’ care I was excited to give them a go.

    They came really quickly even though they were sent from the States and they are packaged really nicely in plastic jars with a screw top lid. You can also get packets like coffee scrub comes in but I love this as you can pop the lid back on when you’re done.

    On their website they state the following:

    “We spent two years doing some matchmaking, finding out which all-natural, all-organic ingredients made skin the happiest when their powers combined. Like little mad scientists, we were on the hunt for our own golden ratios.

    The result? Four 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-Free rubs that know how to move in all sorts of (not-so-mysterious) ways. SimplyScrub is just simple.”

    I was so excited about how these would compare to my favourite scrubs so I tried them both over a couple of months and now I want to tell you about what I found.

    Soursop Scrub

    I was so intrigued about Soursop as I hadn’t heard of the ingredient before.

    When I opened the jar there is such a hebally, minty, fresh scent that omits from it.

    I have to admit the look of the scrub wasn’t appealing but I still used it.

    For me this not only made my skin soft but it also reinvigorated and gave my skin a freshness, a real wake up call. This is a scrub I preferred to use in the morning with a shower as it made me feel really awake.

    It does get everywhere but most scrubs do and it easily goes down the plug hole.

    Rose Scrub

    I love rose scents and this brings back memories of crushing rose petals in water to make ‘perfume’.

    As you can see this is packed with rose petals and it is just perfect for the end of the day. Out of the two this one was my favourite scent but it was the hardest to use. It is quite loose so it’s hard to get a handful but if you take a small handful and work it in slowly it is really worth it.

    Overall I really enjoyed these and if you’re looking for a lovely gift for Christmas (or any time!) I would recommend giving them a go.

    Have you tried scrubs like this before? Have you had anything from Simply Scrub?


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    Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Review

    Bum Bum cream (pronounced Boom Boom, apparently) is a much hyped product from Sol De Janeiro.

    This is an American based company (although it says it’s Brazilian…) who produce this product and I have heard so many people talk about it on their YouTube videos.

    The price so far has put me off the product but I saw this duo travel set on Cult Beauty which has a 75ml body butter and a 90ml body spray included and had to give it a try.

    bum bum 1

    The most talked about thing is the scent of this collection so the first thing I did was open the pot and take a big sniff to see what the fuss was about.

    It’s impossible to describe properly but there is something warming, tropical, floral and all round delicious about the smell. It’s a summertime scent for sure.

    So far I have used this a few times and I get a billion compliments on the scent every time I use it.

    bum bum 2

    I use the cream first, which is a lovely thick body butter (not quite as thick as the one from soap and glory) which sinks in to the skin like a dream. I have to admit this really kept my skin hydrated all day.

    The scent. The scent stays on your body forever. I used this on my arms and décolletage  area as I didn’t want to use too much all over the body and a little goes a long way.

    bum bum 3

    Immediately after using the cream I used a few sprays of the body spray to ensure it lasts and it really does.

    I sprayed it on my hair and it was scented for days after, until I washed it.

    bum bum 4

    The packaging of both of these isn’t luxury but the price is. However, it’s not too much of an issue as the products themselves are identifiable and robust.

    I honestly wish I hadn’t enjoyed this as much as I do as I absolutely don’t want to be without this duo, especially the cream.

    If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for someone then I would definitely consider this duo. However, you might regret purchasing it as it’s not something you would want to be without.

    Have you tried either of these?

    What do you think?


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    Fab Feet: Look After Your Tootsies

    feet 1

    If there is one part of the body that we regularly take for granted, it has to be our feet. All of our ten toes have to bear a heavy load when we are on our feet all day, so they deserve a bit of TLC every now and then. But there are also some steps you should take every day to ensure that your feet are always at their best. Follow these tips to look after your tootsies!

    Don’t Forget To Moisturise

    You will remember to moisturise your face every day, but it is also important that you remember to apply some moisturiser or lotion to your feet each day too. This will prevent any hard skin from developing along the side of the feet, which can often happen when we wear shoes for a long time. You can buy specialist foot moisturiser from most drug stores, but if you don’t have any you can just use the lotion that you use on your face.

    feet 2

    Soak Them Regularly

    As well as moisturising your feet every day, you should also remember to soak them every so often. Once a fortnight should be enough. Soaking them in warm water can help to soften any hard skin that develops and will prevent the appearance of calluses. If you want an extra luxurious soak, you might want to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the water. Alternatively, treat yourself to a foot spa!

    Let Them Breathe

    Ideally, you should kick off your shoes and socks as soon as you get home on an evening. If you can’t bear walking around the house in bare feet, you should get some sandals, like a pair of Havaianas. You can check them out and all their different styles online. These can protect your feet while also letting them breathe. By airing your feet in this way, you are greatly reducing your chances of athlete’s foot.

    feet 3

    Keep Your Nails Trimmed

    You wouldn’t let your fingernails grow way too long, so why leave your toenails? But this isn’t for an aesthetic reason. Sure, overgrown toenails can look unsightly and even end up snapping off, but there is another reason you need to trim them to a sensible length – they can be very painful. The long nails will rub against the inside of your shoes constantly, and this will greatly irritate your skin.

    Always Wear Shoes That Fit

    Think it’s ok to try and get away with a pair of shoes that are slightly too big or too small? Think again! It’s very important that you only wear shoes that are properly fitting, especially if you are on your feet all day. If your shoes are too small, they will be tight and could cause blisters. It’s also a good idea to break in a new pair of shoes around the house so that you get used to them before you wear them outside.

    Looking after your feet will really make a difference. You’ll never have sore tootsies again!

    feet 4

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    Wedding guest beauty essentials*

    As I approach my first anniversary it got me thinking about Spring being the season for weddings and I wanted to bring you my guide to beauty essentials if you’re a guest.

    The night before

    Make sure you have prepped your skin the night before so you wake up with a good base ready for the beauty you will be applying.

    I would highly recommend a sleeping pack or oil.

    The ones below are some I have used and love over the past 12 months.

    The morning

    Have a good breakfast. You are probably not going to eat till later (things always overrun) and you will more than likely be drinking.

    Glow but don’t sparkle

    A great tip is to wear a strobe cream or an illuminating primer to you have a radiance but not a chunky highlighter on the cheeks. You can also use a liquid highlighter like the Becca Moonstone highlighter in moonstone.

    Use a setting spray

    Find a setting spray that keeps your face in place all day. Dependent on what you’re looking for there are a number of different types, matte, dewy, high end, budget and my recommendations would be NYX and Rimmel.

    Make your feet comfortable

    You will probably be dancing the night away to a great covers band or a cheesy DJ, whatever it is you have to make sure your feet are comfy.

    Superdrug have got you covered if you need anything to help your feet all night


    Don’t sleep with your face on

    Cleansing is such an important part of the night. Get all that slap off before you have a glass of water and crash on your bed. These products are quick and you don’t have to faff!

    Have you any tips for beauty essentials for wedding guests?

    *Some of the products mentioned are pr samples.

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