• How To Feel Beautiful Without Make-up*

    Going make-up free can be scary for many of us – putting on make-up can become a morning ritual that helps us to feel beautiful and complete. Feeling comfortable with your natural appearance involves learning to love yourself for who you are. If you want to cut down on your cosmetics, here are some ways in which you can wear less makeup and still feel beautiful.

    Look after your skin

    You don’t have to let go of all skin products – cleansers and moisturisers are essential for preserving your skin’s natural beauty. Get rid of spots by washing your face daily and using products such as tea tree and witch hazel. Applying moisturiser each day will meanwhile reduce the likeliness of getting wrinkles later on in life whilst giving your skin more of a natural rosy glow. There are other habits worth adopting if you want to look after your skin such as avoiding sunburn, drinking lots of water, lowering your sugar intake and quitting bad habits like smoking.

    Find the right hairstyle

    Find a hairstyle that helps to frame your face right – there are many online guides that can help you to achieve this. Resist the urge to go wild with dyes and extensions just to make up for your lack of make-up and use your natural hair to its advantage. That said, you may be able to subtle colouring that brings out the colour of your eyes or complements your skin better.

    Make a statement with accessories

    You can also use accessories to help accentuate your natural beauty. This could include anything from glasses to nose rings. If you like to regularly switch up your make-up in order to feel different, you could do the same with accessories and still give yourself that feeling of keeping your looks new and fresh.

    Bring out your natural tones with colour coordination

    As stated with hairstyles, you can use colour to bring out your eye colour – the same can be done with clothing. For example, you could wear a blue top or a blue dress if you want to bring out the blueness in your eyes. You can also contrast clothing to your skin tone – this could include wearing lighter clothing to contrast darker skin, or wearing blue tones to bring out the rosy redness in your skin.

    Smile more

    Smiling is the simplest way that you can bring out your natural beauty. A smile instantly endears people to you helping you to seem more enthusiastic at a job interview, more attractive on a date and more approachable at a party. It can also release endorphins that can make you feel better about yourself. Start loving your smile and you’ll immediately feel prettier.


    *Collaborative post


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    Beauty Bargains and Hidden Gems with Chemist 4 U

    I was really lucky to be asked to take on the challenge of finding some beauty bargains and hidden gems on the Chemist 4 U website.

    Prior to them contacting me I had seen the brand before when looking for online stockists of makeup with a limited budget but hadn’t purchased there before.

    I had £30 to spend so wanted to maximise the items I could buy.

    What did I buy?

    gems 1

    I purchased the following:

    Amazingly this all came to under £30 with postage!

    For me, it’s always great to try new things and to find them at brilliantly low prices was good too.

    Initial Thoughts

    gems 2

    I tried all the products and the lipsticks and the palette were my least favourite. I was pleased I hadn’t bought them at full price as they were not really for me.

    The Revlon palette had no pigment in any of the eyeshadows and the lipsticks were not protected so the powder mixed in with them. It’s a shame as it looks gorgeous.

    A couple of the lipsticks broke almost immediately, I couldn’t turn one of them up and another one snapped off. They also had a distinct kids makeup plastic scent which was a little off putting.

    I wasn’t mad on the colours too but that is what you get with a lucky dip.

    Hidden Gems

    gems 3

    The O.P.I nail polish was outstanding. Such a gorgeous colour which isn’t done justice by the picture on the website. I actually researched the swatches prior to purchasing this.

    The By Invitation body cream was a standout. I have the perfume (it’s nearly finished) and I love the scent so to come across this beauty was fab. I can continue to using the scent without having to purchase a whole new bottle. The texture was lovely and light and sunk in to the skin really well. Definitely a great purchase.

    The other items were items I always buy anyway so it was great to see them at a good price.

    Have you shopped on line for budget beauty? Have you tried online chemists before?

    Let me know what you think?


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    Beauty Dupes – My picks from Beauty Base

    You know I love good dupe so when Beauty Base contacted me to pick some items from their site to show some new dupes, I had to accept their challenge.

    I picked three items from the Milani range and I am really excited to share them with you. Two of the products I have, one I don’t but I have done my research and it seems to be a good dupe.

    Base 1

    The dupe for a cult classic

    Base 2I chose the Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder in the shade Moon Glow as I had heard it was a dupe for the classic (and one of my favourites) Soft and Gentle by MAC.

    I have both and I put them to the test.

    Base 3

    Base 4

    Soft and Gentle is on the left and the Milani one is on the right. Although they are not exactly the same in the heavy swatch on the hand but the effect on the face is almost the exactly spot on. You wouldn’t know the difference.

    The Milani one was so good, definitely comparable.

    The Dupe for the hottest palette right now

    Base 5

    This is the Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in the Earthy Elements and it really has similar tones to the much coveted new Naked palette from Urban Decay.

    I have both of these palettes and there are a few looks that you can create that are similar. I swatched the colours that were most like each other with the Heat palette on the right on the Milani on the left.

    Base 6

    Base 7

    Base 8

    Base 8

    Base 9

    Base 10

    The dupe that will be the most exciting

    Base 10

    I don’t have the original product but I have it on good authority that this product from Milani is a nearly exact dupe.

    This Amore Matte Lip Cream in the Shade Adorable (vegan friendly) is a nearly exact dupe, not just in shade but in formula and longevity to the Kylie Cosmetics shade Candy K. One of her first and most wanted lip kits.

    Base 11

    There is a plethora of other dupe products on their sites, including the much loved w7 brand which always have great dupes of higher end products so please go and check them out if you get an opportunity.

    Have you got any dupes of high end brands that I should know about? Do you love getting products that give the look of something more expensive but don’t hurt the purse strings?

    Base 12


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    Autumn Wish List – my top picks! #Ad

    autumn 1

    I am so excited for Autumn, pumpkin spices and warm deep colours and I wanted to share the items on my wish list.

    The first is the gorgeous new eyeshadow and highlight palette from SophDoesNails x Makeup Revolution.

    autumn 2

    autumn 3

    This collaboration is just awesome. I have been watching Soph for a really long time and as you know I have always been a fan of the Makeup Revolution makeup so this collaboration is brilliant. Admittedly when I first saw this I really felt like it would be my perfect eyeshadow palette. I mean, if I was to make one it would look almost identical to this.

    I have been absolutely loving the clothing range from In The Style Curve, especially the lips oversized jumper dress from Charlotte Crosby. It looks so comfy and cool. Not something I would normally pick but I really think I would like it. Also the No Bad Days T shirt dress, in my hockey teams colours of course (Let’s Go Steelers, Let’s Go!)

    autumn 4 autumn 5

    I really want to get back in to Yoga, I started ages ago and Curvesome Yoga has been brilliant for starting again. I also love the new Plus Size fabletics range too, especially the Nowra outfit.

    autumn 6

    I feel like if I am dressed appropriately I will start getting my bum in gear and doing the thing I want to do again.


    It wouldn’t be winter without a plethora of candles / wax melts around the house. Some of my favourites this Autumn are from woodwick, mainly as the wick crackles like a real fire, so peaceful and cosy. I fancy the Autumn scent one, Fresh apples and spices, infused with juicy currant and cranberries, almost festive but not quite there.

    autumn 7

    So there you have it, these are my Autumn wish list goodies.

    What is on your list? Are you excited for Autumn? What am I missing?


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    Max Factor Influenster Vox Box


    I have been so lucky to be one of the first to receive the UK’s first Vox Box as part of Influenster. This one was with Max Factor and focusing on the lips.

    If you haven’t heard about Influenster then I will explain it.

    Influenster is a website that offers members (and anyone can join) to offer their opinion on products that they buy regularly.

    The more followers you have across your social media the higher your social score.

    One of the perks is that you can be selected by their different partners to receive a sample box of their products to try and review, called Vox Box’s.

    So, when I received the Max Factor Vox Box I was really excited.

    Firstly, I don’t have any of the products in my collection, strangely, and I have also been really excited to try one of the Honey Lacquers.

    When I received the box I hurriedly opened it and I saw 3 products, the lipstick, the honey lacquer and the lip liner were all shining up at me ‘Try me, Try me’ they were calling.

    Influenster 2

    Admittedly, all the shades were not ones I would choose but I was pleasantly surprised.

    The Colour Elixir Lipstick in the shade Raisin has shimmer to it and although I would never choose a shimmer lipstick (it’s so 90s isn’t it?) but I shouldn’t be so quick to decide on this as I think this actually looks really pretty on the lips.

    Influenster 3

    This looks really natural on me, a lovely pinky purply nude with a shimmer that isn’t glittery. The texture is nice and smooth but it’s not a massively over pigmented colour and can be layered really nice.

    The Max Factor Colour Elixir Universal Lipliner was really the biggest let down for me. It’s like a hard silicone based lip primer. I don’t like the texture at all and it really doesn’t work for me. I understand the concept but I don’t feel it works for me.

    The final thing, the Max Factor Honey Lacquer in the shade Indulgent Coral. This is, again, not a colour I would have chosen, and yet again, total surprise. I would definitely use this more in the summer months but it has given me the push to buy other colours as I really loved the texture.

    Influenster 4

    Such a lovely smooth and easy lip gloss, not overly sticky but not gloss that doesn’t last either. Definitely a fantastic balance.

    The colour is quite opaque but without being messy. It’s almost rosey toned rather than too coral and I quite like it. It turned out to be a lovely shade on my lips. Again, a total surprise.

    I really love this formula and I am shocked that not more beauty bloggers aren’t talking about this product!

    So what do you think to the three products? What do you think to Influenster?

    Have you signed up yet? You can use my special link here which will add on more points to my social score.

    I hope this is the start of more vox boxes as I have seen some people now receiving boxes full of lipsticks and quite frankly this is my idea of heaven!


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