• Update: The past 12 months – Where have I been?

    If you’re reading this, thank you. I don’t know if I need to explain but I feel like I have to.

    I’ve not been around for around 12 months, away from the blog, YouTube, Social media and I feel quite liberated having given myself a break.

    I have had Leah XL as a blog (in various guises) since 2010 and have enjoyed the process of either reviewing something and giving my opinion or sharing how I feel to people who enjoy what I have to say.

    update 1

    You may have noticed that I have been on hiatus and I wanted to update you on what’s been happening.

    October 2017

    • I started a new job. A job that I have done before but in a different sector and an hour away from home. The job is high pressured (which I really enjoy) and is deadline driven. I needed to focus my energy in this job to get to know the business and get settled in.
    • Claire, my wife, had a serious change in her health. One morning she woke up and fell to the floor. She was signed off for two months and the final diagnosis was prolapsed discs in her back, one of which is pushing on to the sciatic nerve causing not only pain but debilitating numbness.
    • Rupert (our dog) diagnosed with early stage kidney failure (don’t worry – it’s controlled very well by diet and he will live forever)

    December 2018

    • A very busy time at work, many late nights and time away from home

    March 2018

    • Due to the health issues Claire changes jobs from an industry she has been in since leaving university. An easier job but with less money

    April 2018

    • Claire and I start an online retail business to help subsidise the gap in earnings.

    May 2018

    • My mum, who is on dialysis because of Kidney failure, has been taken off the donor list due to some other issues. Lots of worry and stress

    July 2018

    • Mum given diagnosis that heart isn’t working well and will need an operation

    August 2018

    • No operation date yet, many delays in the pre-op prepping and procedures.
    • Claire and I decide to join Weight Watchers to help with taking the pressure off her back.

    And here we are in September.

    These aren’t excuses but I am in a good place (although there is still stuff happening with mum) but I needed the break. Not only from my blog but also from social media and YouTube.

    I thought I could maybe turn my blog in to a full time business but I actually think there is warrant in me doing this as a release, as a hobby, as a place for me to take to when I need to. Mainly as I already work in a high pressured environment, why make my blog somewhere high pressure too?

    I also fell out of love with Makeup. I have sold so much and decluttered it out of my life (don’t get me wrong there is still so much) but I needed to reevaluate the balance of buying makeup that wasn’t being used for review purposes and saving money as a family. Of course my family comes first.

    So what’s next?

    LeahXL Blog:

    I am coming back. I am coming back with a blog that is more personal. Less review focused and is thoughtful and eclectic.

    I want to talk about married life, owning a gorgeous pup, making lifestyle changes, health in general, family, work and all the things inbetween.

    Leah XL Youtube:

    This is being shut down. I know, I know. It’s got a good following but it’s no longer who I am. Fear not though – I still do some live videos on a new channel to do with Ebay (not massively regular but some times) so if you want to find it and learn more about our business then please check it out here.

    Social Media:

    • Instagram – I have changed this back to a personal account. I don’t need it to be business and I am just not great at a stylised, perfectly lit feed. I can’t do it. It’s not natural to me. Instead it will be filled with fun things and life.
    • Twitter – Used for interactions but not as frequently as I used to and not promoting every single post constantly. I want it to be organic not mechanic.
    • Facebook – I know it seems outdated but I still use facebook and I will continue to post my posts to there. It’s a great place that people still use so I will carry on.
    • Snapchat – Not happening – It just drains my battery. I just can’t. (ANYONE ELSE?)
    • Others – Any others that have surpassed my 37 year old brain will just fall in to the metaphoric Social Media bin.

    I see this post as a new start. A turning point in my life and there will definitely be some changes happening (good and bad) during the course of my time writing.

    If you have any questions please comment below. If you want to know more and want me to do future posts about general life updates then again, comment below.

    My email, twitter inbox and facebook messenger is always open so please get in touch if you want to chat.




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    Plus Size Work Wear Inspo – New Job New Me

    Since I turned thirty (blah blah) years ago, I discovered my love for all things leggings and dresses. Now I want to go out of my comfort zone and I decided to share some of my blogger inspo for the new style I want for my new job.

    I have been wearing leggings every single day for the last dhfjkhfgsjh years and although I enjoy wearing them I don’t feel as professional or as put together as I want to portray in my new role.

    I have been part of the plus size blogging community for a while and I have always been in awe of the amazing way people have their own style and how they can wear different outfits, not just leggings and a dress. Yet I have never ventured out of my comfort zone.

    I thought it was about time to show you some of the outfits I would love to try or I have found inspiration from for my new me ‘look’ for my new job.

    Outfits completely out of my comfort zone

    I am in absolute admiration for these two bloggers as I hold them up as some of the most uniquely stylish women.

    Firstly, this outfit from Chloe In Curve.

    This is a classic shirt and trouser combo but I love how feminine it is yet still saying Girl Boss. The great thing about these are they are cropped wide leg trousers with a soft belt giving it that edginess. I used to wear black trousers and a jumper for 10 years at work and I honestly wouldn’t want to go back there so this definitely softens that almost uniform look for me.

    You can check out the blog post here.

    Secondly is this gorgeous look from Danie Vanier.

    This look is so stunning, classy yet still sexy. I absolutely love the textures and also how comfortable it looks. Sometimes, when I think work wear or business attire I think stuffy and uncomfortable but this looks the complete opposite.

    I have always been scared of wearing wide leg trousers but the pleated texture almost makes it look like a long skirt. Check out the post here.

    Autumnul Work Wear Style

    Another two blogger I have loved for the longest time are the lovely Steph and Nancy.

    I have chosen two styles from their blogs which would make an easy transition through this Autumn time yet still not the styles I would usually go for. However, I would get to stay in dresses and leggings for a little while longer and not be completely overwhelmed.

    The look from Steph (Nerd about town) has that almost classic Chanel feel to it. I always think that Chanel have got classy work wear down don’t you? Paired with a bold duster coat which for me keeps in with my personality and the accent of a cute red bag, perfect again for transitioning in to Autumn. Catch the blog post here.

    This look from Nancy (Sugar Darling?) has all the makings of something I would wear but still work appropriate. The gorgeous pattern on the dress which matches the jacket (which looks perfect for autumn) around the cuffs. Such a lovely statement piece which would stand out and still command the management status I have acquired. Check out the post here.

    Inspo 3

    Alternative Work Wear

    I have never been the alternative type – I am way too boring and unoriginal but there are so many bloggers I really love who manage to keep their style but also slay the office.

    Kitty (Kitty Rambles Alot) has paired up an A line skirt with biker boots and an animal type print top which is so simple yet really effective. You have personality as well as business babe all in one look. Check out the whole look and post here.





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    New Job New Me – A new blog series

    job 1

    I have had a full time job in the same company for the last 8 years and in two weeks I am going to a brand new company. It’s really daunting but I want to do a series of how a new job is like a palette cleanser for the soul.

    I love the corporate world which is why my blog is and always will be a hobby but I also like sharing things with you all in my little space on the internet.

    I want to cover all aspects of leaving the old and starting with the new and want to cover the following:


    I have been wearing leggings and dress for the last 8 years. To say I am in a fashion rut is an understatement and I’m dressing like 28 year old me, not 26 year old me.
    I want to be taken seriously, I want my outerwear to reflect my capabilities and my attitude, but also not losing my personality.
    I will do a number of posts about which bloggers / styles really inspire me and any fashion wish lists I have or sorting through the ol’ wardrobe to show you outfit ideas.


    I love a fresh new notebook and stationery and it’s been so great that my new job almost falls in line with the Academic year starting so there have been some cute bits I have picked up.
    I want to cover hauls but also how I get myself organised.
    job 2


    Of course, my blog is mostly beauty so not covering this off would be peculiar. I will be reviewing products I think will be ideal for working in an office all day and what I take with me in my bag every day.


    I am actually buying a car for the first time in over 8 years so I want to share that experience with you. Best insurers. Things to know. Things to avoid etc.
    And anything else I think is worth mentioning, like blogging whilst working full time and top tips on finding a new role etc.
    I know this is very different to my posts from the last 10 months but I hope you don’t mind the change in direction.
    If there is anything you would like to know then please do comment below and I will try to help.
    job 3

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