• Pixi Rose Caviar Essence and Flash Balm – Skin Saviours?

    On my recent trip to London I ventured in to the Pixi shop near Carnaby street and was recommended these two rose products. The Rose Caviar Essence and the Rose Flash Balm.

    rose 1

    Pixi as a brand has impressed me as far as skincare, everything I have tried, the glow tonic (just a small sample) and the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, definitely peaked my interest in the brand.

    I was after a new moisturiser anyway so I wanted to get some recommendations and was shown by the assistant to the new Rose Caviar Essence, the flash balm and the overnight cream.

    I tried the essence on the back of my hand and I noticed how soft it was and still was for hours after. I was offered the flash balm and overnight cream in a little trial pot which was really very good.

    After I had used the flash balm for 5 days and finishing the pot I had a £5 voucher and a % code of for my birthday for ASOS so ordered the full size as I really enjoyed it.

    So what are they?

    Rose Caviar Essence

    rose 2

    This website claims

    “Encapsulated flower oils suspended in this weightless serum-essence melt onto the skin delivering fresh botanicals to hydrate and restore skin’s brightness for optimum radiance”

    It is a water like gel that has a lovely light rose scent and you need a small amount for the whole face.

    I apply it after my holy grail duo, NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum and the Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex and it makes my skin feel so soft and supple.

    I only use this in the morning but it would also be really nice at night time.

    Rose Flash Balm

    rose 3

    I have realised that flash balms are the best thing for my skin. I have tried a few and they just work for me.

    On the website it claims

    “This radiance-boosting balm is the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, lackluster skin helping with signs of fatigue in a flash .This 3-in-1,oil-free, quick absorbing formula instantly moisturizes and brightens and is great as a revitalizing mask as well as a primer to prep skin for perfect makeup application”

    This has a thick consistency, almost tacky, and a lovely rose scent, if you’re sensitive to strong floral scents you may not like this.

    I use this after the Rose Caviar Essence and prior to putting on makeup.

    This makes a great base for makeup, like all the flash balms I have used before, but I have found that this particular one really helps my skin feel good with makeup on too.

    I am really chuffed with this product and can see this being my go to for moisturiser and primer.

    I also used it slightly thicker as an overnight mask and my skin felt wonderful the next day.

    These products for me are completely underrated! I haven’t heard anyone talk about these and at a good price tag (£26 each) I think they are actually really purse friendly based on how much you need to use.

    The verdict

    rose 4

    In summary, I am really happy with the two products. I think they are great for the money and perfect for someone like me who has normal to dry skin.

    Having tried these products now I would like to try more, I am really desperate to get the overnight cream next. I enjoyed my sample and I can’t wait to delve more in to the brand. Maybe even some of the beauty products next (I do have their concealer which I am trialing so will feedback soon!)

    Have you tried anything from Pixi? Have you go any recommendations of products that I should try?

    rose 5


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    Fab Feet: Look After Your Tootsies

    feet 1

    If there is one part of the body that we regularly take for granted, it has to be our feet. All of our ten toes have to bear a heavy load when we are on our feet all day, so they deserve a bit of TLC every now and then. But there are also some steps you should take every day to ensure that your feet are always at their best. Follow these tips to look after your tootsies!

    Don’t Forget To Moisturise

    You will remember to moisturise your face every day, but it is also important that you remember to apply some moisturiser or lotion to your feet each day too. This will prevent any hard skin from developing along the side of the feet, which can often happen when we wear shoes for a long time. You can buy specialist foot moisturiser from most drug stores, but if you don’t have any you can just use the lotion that you use on your face.

    feet 2

    Soak Them Regularly

    As well as moisturising your feet every day, you should also remember to soak them every so often. Once a fortnight should be enough. Soaking them in warm water can help to soften any hard skin that develops and will prevent the appearance of calluses. If you want an extra luxurious soak, you might want to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the water. Alternatively, treat yourself to a foot spa!

    Let Them Breathe

    Ideally, you should kick off your shoes and socks as soon as you get home on an evening. If you can’t bear walking around the house in bare feet, you should get some sandals, like a pair of Havaianas. You can check them out and all their different styles online. These can protect your feet while also letting them breathe. By airing your feet in this way, you are greatly reducing your chances of athlete’s foot.

    feet 3

    Keep Your Nails Trimmed

    You wouldn’t let your fingernails grow way too long, so why leave your toenails? But this isn’t for an aesthetic reason. Sure, overgrown toenails can look unsightly and even end up snapping off, but there is another reason you need to trim them to a sensible length – they can be very painful. The long nails will rub against the inside of your shoes constantly, and this will greatly irritate your skin.

    Always Wear Shoes That Fit

    Think it’s ok to try and get away with a pair of shoes that are slightly too big or too small? Think again! It’s very important that you only wear shoes that are properly fitting, especially if you are on your feet all day. If your shoes are too small, they will be tight and could cause blisters. It’s also a good idea to break in a new pair of shoes around the house so that you get used to them before you wear them outside.

    Looking after your feet will really make a difference. You’ll never have sore tootsies again!

    feet 4

    *Collaborative Post


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    Image Skincare Ageless Overnight Retinol Masque*

    Image 1

    When I was contacted recently and asked if I wanted to try the Image Skincare Ageless Overnight Retinol Masque I was so excited.

    If you didn’t know I LOVE overnight masques. I find anything that works whilst your sleeping is such a great idea. You do nothing. It does everything. Simple!

    As soon as I received the package I knew this was something special.

    Image 2

    If you weren’t sure what retinol is it is known as the the most effective anti-ageing product on the market. Retinol also good for Acne prone and / or pigmented skin.

    You will find Retinol comes in smaller percentages in products, usually products contain 1%, some brands will have 2% and claim a strong retinol content but this is 3% retinol. One of the strongest I have seen.

    Achieved by a unique and innovative delivery system – Kemspheres™ allows pure retinol to be easily absorbed into the skin in a stable form, resulting in less irritation and superior result 

    Normally I would be disappointed that it comes in a jar like container but this actually has one of those handy push down pumps which gives you the perfect amount.

    The packaging is quite simple, plastic (which is great for travel) and is practical. Which actually for something like skincare you want. You don’t need fancy packaging that is hard or inpractical to use. (Although I do love unique packaging…don’t you?)

    Image 3

    The cream is thick and when you apply it to your face after cleansing, toning and adding a serum it creates a film on top of your skin.

    At first, for me, I was worried it would sit there, on my skin, but after a few minutes I could feel it sinking in.

    The directions are that you sleep in the mask and then you wash it off (as you would normally wash your face) in the morning.

    There isn’t an unpleasant scent, there is a slight one but nothing over powering, which for overnight would be really off putting.

    The results for me have been good but not mind blowing.

    I have now been using this product for a month (you know I like to give these things a good try) and I feel like my skin is quite plump and youthful but I do have two products I use regularly that really are helping towards this.

    I have noticed that I am getting the odd breakout here and there after using it.

    Image 4

    I don’t use it daily, only every 2-3 nights as I feel that the strength is possibly too high so it could be that I need to reduce it even further with the breakouts.

    I would however recommend this to people with high pigmentation or signs of ageing to try. It does feel lovely in the morning but for me I don’t think it’s adding much more in to my routine.

    Having said that, my skin can play tricks on me and in a few weeks I will possibly feel it doesn’t feel great and realise it’s because it was doing a good job so if I can remember I will give you an update.

    Have you tried anything from Image Skincare before? I have to admit I hadn’t heard of them before but there are a few other things I would like to try including the Flawless Foundation – I love trying foundations made by skincare so that would be next on my list!

    *contains a PR sample

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    DHC Skincare and Beauty* – My thoughts so far

    DHC 1

    DHC Skincare and Beauty is a Japanese brand which I have heard a lot about so when I was asked to review some items I was excited.

    I was sent a huge amount to try so it’s been about a month or two since I received the items as I wanted to try everything or as much as possible.

    So far I haven’t tried the mascara so haven’t included this in this review but I will review it in the future so keep an eye out.

    Things I love

    DHC 2

    I love asian eye and lip makeup remover, every single one I have tried I have loved because they work so well.

    This one is no different. The Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is actually completely finished and I am going to buy some more soon. It removed makeup really well just by shaking the bi-phase, adding to a large oval cotton round and holding on the eye for around 10 seconds. I then gently wipe and it helps take off most of my mascara, eyeshadow and liner.

    DHC 3

    I really didn’t expect much from the Beauty Lift Essence but I was so wrong. This has been a massive surprise to me and although I have used it almost every day for a few months it still isn’t any where near finishing.

    This has been such an amazing serum to use in the morning after my hyaluronic acid. I am so excited about this product and yet again I will be repurchasing once it’s finished especially how long it has lasted so far.

    DHC 4

    As mentioned I haven’t yet used the mascara but the Liquid Eyeliner, oh, the eyeliner! This is simply the best felt tip liner I have ever used and I have the Kat Von D Tattoo liner which, to me, is seriously underwhelming.

    I love this, liner because it’s a brush, a very very fine tipped brush and it’s jet black. I honestly can’t fault this. I was so impressed and once again, I wouldn’t hesitate in repurchasing this once it dries out (which seems to be unlikely!)

    DHC 5

    I know what you’re thinking… cotton buds… but these are cotton buds with a difference.  I don’t know why no one has never done this before.

    These are oil infused cotton buds that are individually wrapped and they are fantastic for using when you have made little errors in your makeup.

    Things I have tried but not able to give a full review on

    DHC 6

    I have tried the deep cleansing oil only a couple of times as I have other cleansers I am using at the moment. I enjoyed it both times but I still have yet to give it a good go.

    This is, in essence, just an olive oil cleansing oil. You use it similar to other cleansers.

    DHC 7

    Again I have used the Eye Bright only once but for me, anything on the eyes doesn’t make a difference and due to my eye being dry and itchy recently I can’t put lots near or round the eyes and lids.

    DHC 8

    The Quick Film Smoother is a silicone based smoothing primer…I have used this once and it reminds me of the porefessional a little bit. Personally I am not a massive fan of silicone based primers so I will have to try this again to get a proper feel for it. My wife does enjoy this sort of primer so I might pass it on to her to get some use out of.

    So there is my low down.

    I am really quite impressed with everything I have tried so far and in some cases completely finished.

    Although I was sent these to review I was keen to give them a really good try before telling you about them so I hope you take something from this review.

    Have you tried anything from the brand? Are you wanting to try anything?

    DHC 9

    *PR Samples are used in this post


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    Bioderma SPF Sun Protection range

    Bioderma 1

    Bioderma, most widely known for their micellar cleansing water, have a range of spf sun protection out which I have decided to give a try this summer.

    We are on our holidays at some point in the next month so this will be our sun protection for the time we’re there.

    It’s all spray bottle spf which is so much easier and all of them can be used on the face and body.

    Bioderma 2

    Both Claire and I are really fair so we have to start with 50+ especially on our face.

    Hopefully the spray will work well under makeup and it’s small enough to carry in our handbags.

    Although we want to protect our skin we also want to make sure we protect and try and enhance the natural bronze in our skin, accelerate and although this isn’t a product I have used before I am looking forward to trying them out.

    Bioderma 3

    They are both factor 30 which is incredible for a tan accelerator and you have the sun cream high protection and the dry oil which is also high protection.

    Bioderma 4

    The dry oil is great to use after a shower or after the swimming pool on wet skin which I think is brilliant. Sometimes you don’t want to dry yourself off before putting on sun protection so this is just such a great idea. I also feel like this will keep me moisturised.

    They are 200ml bottles which should last the two weeks we are away between us. It does mean if you are going abroad you would have to put them in your on board case rather than hand luggage although the smaller version would be perfect for hand luggage.

    I want to know what you use for sun protection? Have you tried anything from the bioderma spf sun protection range? What do you prefer, spray or cream? How many times do you reapply?


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