• Review | Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

    bubble tea 1

    Your eyes don’t deceive you. This is a bubble tea sleeping pack that looks like bubble tea! Etude house  is a well known korean beauty brand and I wanted to do a review of the bubble tea sleeping pack.

    It’s no secret that I am really in love with sleeping masks, oils, gels, serums, you name it, if you can sleep with it on your face I will love it!

    When I saw this cute little cup of tea in TK Maxx I didn’t pick it up to start with, in fact I must have picked it up, put it back, picked it up again, put it back again, picked it up again, etc and FINALLY, when it was reduced by 50% I decided to buy it.

    At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the product to be honest and I really thought I would find it unsuccessful, however I was completely wrong.

    The consistency as you can see is gel like, which is why I loved the Algenist Splash mask. You apply it after you have done your evening skincare routine and then you just sleep.

    bubble tea 2

    When you wake in the morning you will find your skin is plump but you do need to wash your face. It isn’t as good as the Algenist in my opinion but it’s so close! Definitely worth the money.

    There isn’t a scent to this really, maybe a mild clean scent, and the texture is cold on the skin, which is nice after you have done your skincare routine. Cooling and relaxing.

    The little bubbles in the bottom are meant to be scooped up with the cream coloured gel and popped to make the hydration more intense but honestly – they don’t add anything.

    I only have one gripe, and it’s the same with ANY product that comes in a pot is that it’s in a pot, which I always dislike in skincare products. Yes, my hands are clean but I still don’t like it. Maybe it’s just a personal thing.

    Other than that, I do love this and will probably finish it all. Buying another won’t be so easy as it is a Korean brand so I will probably keep trying some others.

    Have you got a night time favourite? Tried any sleeping packs you think I should try?


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    Review | First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser

    ultra repair face 1

    This was the first time trying a First Aid Beauty products and so I wanted to make sure I gave you a good review. This is the Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser which I heard about on YouTube first and mainly from the American youtubers as it was available there first and was really hyped up!

    I really don’t give in to hype so it took me a while to decide to buy something from the brand but when I saw a set in the Feel Unique sale I couldn’t pass it up.

    So, let’s get in to what I thought!

    Product description (from website)

    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer provides immediate hydration whilst softening and nourishing the skin.

    Delivering the same restorative power as the best-selling Ultra Repair Cream but developed specifically for the face, Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer is a light-weight, quick absorbing moisturiser ideal for anyone with normal or dry skin.

    Featuring First Aid Beauty’s Antioxidant Booster blend of Liquorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea to combat free radicals and a fusion of Meadowfoam Seed and Avocado Oils to soften and hydrate skin. Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer delivers instant rehydration with a velvety soft finish.

    Colloidal Oatmeal relieves itching and soothes irritated skin whilst Shea Butter moisturises the skin and helps to protect the skins barrier function to prevent moisture loss. Free from artificial fragrances, Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer leaves even the moist sensitive of skin feeling soft, hydrated and well nourished.


    This has a cute simple pump action packaging. There is something that reminds me of superheroes about the packaging so it gives me the impression it will be amazing.

    ultra repair face 2


    There is a slight scent to this product and it’s almost like a very light clean calamine lotion scent (it’s really not strong though). To me this smells exactly like the Kiehls ultra facial cream.


    The texture is lovely and light, a sort of gel like consistency. I find you only need half a pump because of this as it goes really far.

    ultra repair face 3


    This is amazing. It does exactly what it says and to me, not only does it smell like the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream it feels like it and performs like it, which is amazing as I ran out only just before I started using this. I use it in the morning only and I find that it keeps my skin feeling really good all day. I feel hydrated, my skin feels plump and it is a nice cold feeling so calms the skin too. This is definitely the time of year that it works best too.

    Final thoughts

    This is actually not as expensive as the Kiehls one (from £15.25 ) so it is most likely going to be in my repurchase list for the future. I wish I had tried it sooner to be honest but really glad I found it.

    Have you tried anything from this brand?


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    Review | Primark PS.. Anti-Aging Serum and Lifting Eye Gel

    primark serum eye gel

    I decided to try the Primark Anti-ageing serum and the uplifting eye gel (both under £5!) and I have been using them for a month now so wanted to let you know how I feel about them.

    Beauty products from Primark are impressing me so much. First it was the Primer Water and then the BB cream.

    Anti-ageing serum


    Sleek, white with silver print. Plastic packaging with a nice pump. (For serums I really prefer pumps).


    Use a pump or two of product following cleansing and prior to moisturising all over the face an neck.


    A lovely light gel texture which feels really cool on the skin. It reminds me of most of my other serums.


    This is not fragranced at all (that I can tell) and I know lots if people prefer non-scented or lightly scented products.


    It’s a lovely serum, does it reduce wrinkles? No. Is it really anti-ageing? not really but it is nice. It doesn’t break me out and it works nicely under my moisturiser.

    It’s cheap enough to repurchase but I would like to try others before doing so as yes, it was good, but was it life changing enough? not really.

    primark serum eye gel 1

    Uplifting eye-gel


    Again white with silver print but this is a squeezy tube but has a metal roller ball for application.


    Using the roller ball lightly roll under the eyes. If any excess product gently pat for absorption.


    A watery gel texture but it isn’t easy to tell due to the tube being opaque and the rollerball being in the way. It is light so you can barely feel it on your face.


    There is no scent to this product, not sure why you would put a scent in an eye product to be honest. What would it add?


    This doesn’t do anything but help to cool your under eyes. The roller ball is so cold it is like popping a spoon on your eyes. This is great if you want to wake your under eyes up but honestly I can’t see any benefits. Having said that it is lovely and I will finish it but repurchase? Probably not.

    So as you can see I am quite impressed with this – not blown over like some of the others but definitely good for the price.

    Have you tried any of these?

    Would you try Primark skincare?


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    Review | Space NK Advent Calendar up to day 13

    advent 13

    In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be getting such a luxury calendar for advent but I was really lucky to get my hands on one of these limited edition ones from Space NK. It has two drawers so I wanted to give you an in depth look of the top drawer which contained the first 13 days of advent surprises.

    There won’t be any reviews for now as I would like to use all the products before giving you my final thoughts.

    Day 1.

    £50 Space NK Voucher (redeemable up to the 24th December)

    advent 13 1

    What a fantastic gift! £50 can get you such a decent item and with the £10 of N.Dulge points I have collected over the year I was able to purchase something I never would have purchased before. A set of mini Diptyque candles (rrp. £60).

    These are so luxurious and unbelievably expensive for what they are but they smell immense – I like every single one of them and I plane to use them very sparingly over the next 12 months.

    Day 2.

    111 Skin Space Anti-age day moisturiser

    advent 13 2

    This moisturiser has been put together from a doctor based on Harley Street. It’s meant to be a futuristic anti-ageing moisturiser and both Claire and I used this once and both of us broke out the next day. That isn’t to say it was this product as we haven’t tried it again but it’s bizarre it happened to both of us.

    We both use quite light day moisturisers at the moment so it could be slightly too strong for our skin right now.

    Day 3.

    Smith and Cult Lip Lacquer in the Lovers

    This is possibly the teeniest sample of a lip product I have ever received which is a shame as I think this would have been much nicer if they had given a product which was half size rather than 3 applications and your done.

    The shade is a little warm but is quite sheer too so it’s something I will keep to the summer – it’s definitely not a Christmas shade.

    Day 4.

    Sunday Riley Luna sleeping Facial Oil

    advent 13 4 advent 13 5

    A very small sample once again but definitely enough to get a good two weeks application to try out. I am so excited about this one as I have heard great things about this product.

    I know this is not an inexpensive product so getting it at all has been lovely. In some ways I hope I don’t enjoy it too much as I won’t be able to purchase it in the future at this time.

    Day 5.

    Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformation Styling Cream

    advent 13 6

    I have heard amazing things about Oribe but unfortunately my hair is not good with products that aren’t aimed at curly hair. this little beauty hasn’t gone to waste though as my wife has lovely straight hair and I have passed it on to her.

    Day 6.

    Radical Skincare Anti-ageing Moisturiser

    advent 13 7

    I love the size of this – perfect for going away (if you saw my post here you’ll know I love this style of product to put in my overnight bag or holiday makeup case). I have tried this once so far and it’s lovely. I really really am impressed on the first try but I would like to continue trying it to see if it makes any differences to my skin.

    Day 7.

    Byredo Bal D’Afrique Perfume – handbag size

    advent 13 8

    It’s so risky putting a scent in the calendar but for me this is gorgeous! I was pleasantly surprised. It smells sweet initially but has a really lovely depth to it. Perfect handbag size. If you don’t like it though it would also make a beautiful gift for someone. Especially as Byredo perfumes are £90 for 50mls normally! Definitely a little slice of luxury.

    Day 8.

    WEI Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk


    Yes this is a video but this is how I popped it on Instagram, which if you’re not following me please do as I just hit 3k followers!

    I have tried this once and I LOVE it so far – more of a review will come. As you can see I first thought it was a drink but realised quite quickly that it was a beauty milk. You use it after cleansing and before serum, moisturiser and facial oils.

    Day 9.

    Chantecaille Mascara

    advent 13 9

    If you watch Tati on YouTube this was in one of her WTF videos and she loved it so I am so so excited to try this. I have a number of mascaras to get through before this though so I reckon I will be trying this in the summertime but as soon as I do there will be a review again.

    Day 10.

    Kat Burki Vitamin C Moisturiser

    advent 13 10

    The only disappointing product in the box so far simply because of the way it arrived. It came in a 5ml pot unbranded and was dry as it hadn’t been screwed on properly. It was like it was scraped out of a bigger pot and given to a few different advent calendars.

    The good thing is after putting this on instagram I was contacted by their customer service and offered a better sample (at the time of posting this it hasn’t yet arrived as it was only recent but I will update in a review).

    Day 11.

    Lipstick Queen – Frog Prince Blush

    advent 13 11

    A cult classic – this is a green cream blush which transforms to your skin tone. I believe the first product was the lipstick that changes to your lip colour so I am excited to give this a try. Again though a cream blush is a summer product for me so look out for that review in the spring/summer.

    Day 12.

    Nuxe Dry Body Oil

    advent 13 12

    I have had countless samples of this product and truth be told I do use it. I actually rather like this product straight out of the shower and it’s great in the winter so happy to have this. This size will probably last my whole body 3 times, maybe 2.5.

    I think I will do a review on this as I have used it a number of times now and it’s ok.

    Day 13.

    Eve Lom Radiance Lift Cream

    advent 13 13

    I only opened this today and I used it straight away.

    I am a huge fan of the cleansing balm (besides the scent, full review coming soon) so I was excited for this product.

    It’s a great deluxe sample size and the cream is gorgeous..I put it on straight away and it really is just so beautiful. I will definitely be using this once my Khiels ultra facial cream finishes.

    Final thoughts

    So far I have been really impressed with the selection, 11 out of 13 are new to me or I can use so I am really really excited to get the next drawer open.

    Have you had an advent calendar this year? What have been your favourites so far?


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    Review | Skin Doctors Beelift Moisturiser


    I was sent the Skin Doctors Beelift moisturiser to review recently and I have been trying it for the last month and decided it’s a good time now to be telling you about it.


    (from the Skin Doctors website)

    Beelift helps fight premature ageing ensuring that your skin is nourished, renewed and revitalised. Beelift contains the Bee Venom (Melittin), Manuka Honey, the collagen treatment Trylagen® and Hyadisine® – a complex mix of peptides, amino acids, proteins and key enzymes. Together these ingredients trick the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung, instantly working to control facial muscles for cumulative tightening, lifting, plumping and firming of the skin.

    Beelift is clinically proven to 

    • Increase Collagen by up to 300%
    • Cumulative skin tightening
    • Plumping and firming of the skin


    With dry fingertips, apply a small amount of Beelift cream to your face and décolletage, avoiding eye area. To finish apply your choice of Skin Doctors moisturising product.

    Beelift 2


    It comes in a glass jar which is not my favourite packaging. I wish all skincare products were in pump or squeeze packaging as it’s more hygienic but it’s ok.  Isn’t too cheap feeling though so that’s a bonus.


    This is a lovely medium textured cream (think yogurt) and I have been using it after my serum and before a moisturiser (initially I was using as a moisturiser) as it sinks in to the skin immediately.

    Beelift 3


    The scent of honey is so strong and actually a little overpowering. If you like honey you will like this but although the scent is strong a soon as it’s on the skin it goes away. It doesn’t linger.


    Immediately I notice my skin to be tighter. This isn’t something I am used to as I  much prefer more moisturising products. It is  this that made me realise it has to be used in conjunction with a moisturiser, especially if like me you have dry/combination skin.

    Beelift 4

    Final thoughts

    This products is priced at £38.99 for 50mls. Personally it isn’t something I would repurchase at the moment due to the tightening of the skin.  I think it would be good to have in my armoury when I start to find I need something that will give me a lift but at the moment I don’t require it.

    The scent for me is not my favourite and I don’t like dipping my finger in a jar but there are products I love that I can oversee this.

    If you are looking for something that will naturally give you lift this definitely will help. The results are pretty good after one month.

    Let me know if you have tried any of the Skin Doctors products? Have you got any favourites?


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