Christmas 1

I know what you’re thinking, Christmas? In July? Well it happened! I was invited to an event recently where we got to see what’s coming this Christmas, In July!

There were many stands including lots of online retailers including firebox, moonpig, crabtree and evelyn, Wunder2, Teapigs, R Chocolate, National Trust and many many more.

It was honestly a feast for the eyes and I will share many pictures with you of the sort of things you might find.

The best thing about this is that I was able to connect with some brands that would be able to help with my gift guides for Christmas.

I haven’t done these before but I know lots of people find them useful so I am going to do them for different interests, for example, for the foodie, for the beauty junkie, for the gadget mad etc…

Although there were many amazing brands there, the best part of the whole event was I got to spend time with the lovely Charlie from Gin Fuelled Blue Stockings blog.

We have spent time online chatting but never met in real life and I am really pleased we did finally meet.

If you have a penchant for gin (or any booze) you have to go and visit her blog. She is like the rainman of gin. I actually adore her.

We did go out for dinner too which I will do a review of later on the blog but I just wanted to give you a lowdown on my day.

Christmas 2

Christmas 3

Christmas 4

Christmas 5

Christmas 6

Christmas 7

Christmas 8

Christmas 9

Christmas 10

Christmas 11

Christmas 12

Christmas 13

Christmas 14

Christmas 14

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Christmas 16

Christmas 16

Christmas 17

Christmas 18

Christmas 19

Christmas 20

Christmas 21

Christmas 22

Christmas 23

Christmas 24

Christmas 25

Christmas 26

Christmas 25

All of this event just made me more excited about the festivities and I am now already planning for Christmas (only 5 more pay days to go!)

Are you excited for Christmas? Is it too early to talk about it? Have you ever been to one of these events?