Well I have some exciting news to share with you all. Recently, a few of us who were writers for Really Ree, decided to create a new blog, a collective.


Welcome to the Beauty Blog Collective! 

This is a place where we will be talking all things beauty, what’s new, what do we love, what do we recommend and all from individual, diverse backgrounds.

You might be wondering why? how? Well in a nutshell, Ree wanted to take a new direction with her blog and contributors were not part of the equation.

I had the best time writing for Ree and made some truly lovely friends. So this is how it started.

A few of us chatted and thought that with all our know how we could just start something new, something different. Just something that would collectively have a beauty only focus.

Overall we have been very lucky as it’s already proving to be quite popular because we all have different followings, so I hope that you (dear reader) will join us.

So, what will you find over on the collective blog?

Beauty – this will include reviews of makeup, new makeup, classic favourites, indie brands, every day brands and luxury.

Skincare – from the sublime to the divine – there will be something for all skin types and budgets in our skincare posts. We will try and bring you a variety of brands from high street to lesser known brands.

Haircare – We have a plethora of hair types and will be able to provide a guide to each of our hair journeys and products we love (or don’t love so much).

Whatever your beauty requirement we will have something for you so if you are interested in finding out more, please do go and check out the beauty blog collective and let us know what you think!