Within the last few days we have had to say goodbye to pic monkey (well those who use the free service) as you can no longer export pictures for free.

I myself will still use it as I do pay for the annual membership, I really enjoy it and I have always paid for it BUT there are plenty of other places to go for picture editing:


These sites are SO similar to what pic monkey offered:


editing 1

I used to use this but the functionality was too basic but they seem to have changed it.
It’s great for enhancing photos, adding text, putting pictures in to collages and general photo editing. You just edit to your requirements and then you download the picture.
Again you can upgrade to get other features but it really has got the basics covered.

Be Funky

editing 2

This is great if you have flash player (so it might not work for MAC users). but again has similar functionalities to the others.


editing 3
This is a new one for me but it looks amazing! You again get a similar layout to the others. I think once you have used one you have used them all.
Again there is a pro version you have to pay for but by all accounts you can edit pics and download them to your computer as long as you create a free account.

Apps (Phone)


editing 4

I love this app for editing pics and it really is great for instagram and keeping a theme. I find this works to get your own style and then all you do is copy and paste the edits. I wish all editing programmes has this capability.


editing 5

This can be a little confusing at times but I absolutely love playing with this. I use this to whiten up backgrounds if they are looking dull. Definitely a good one if you are again, editing photos for your instagram.
I usually send the photo’s to my cloud or through email if I want to use these for my blog posts but be aware that they get compresses when they go that way.
So what do you think?
Will you be choosing one of these new programmes for your pics?
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