I was gifted a Next voucher for £15 from my colleagues on my final day at work so I thought it would be really good to check out what they had in new that would look great in our new place. Perusing the home sections of the stores I shop at has become the norm lately and next is really hitting the mark.

I have gone through the website and picked out 10 pieces under £15 that would look great in our new home.

next home candle stick

Hammered Metal Pillar Candle Stick


Copper / Rose Gold has been huge over the past year and I still think it’s going to continue but with more plants and colour thrown in. This would be ideal for the Living room or the hallway. The beaten metal look is really trendy and anything that looks a bit rustic.


I love texture and this vase / hurricane is just gorgeous for that reason. Still in keeping with the rose gold but with an ombré effect this would look great in the bedroom, possibly with some little fair lights in to really give the room a soft look.

next home utensils pot

Ceramic Embossed Utensil Pot


Our current kitchen is neutral but the new house has bright red cupboards and a 50s diner feel. We are going to change the doors to a lovely turqoise grey and want to bring natural textures in to it including wood and stone and this would look great in there.

next home cushion

Button Velvet Cushion


Colour and bold bright colour has been catching my eye lately. Gone are the white’s and greys but clashing beautiful colours in a living room just feels much more up my alley. They do this cushion in two colours and I think they would look gorgeous.


Mixing industrial with natural and colour is really big this year. I love how this looks and I am really in to the idea of house plants. This would be great for the office or the dining room. We have a salvaged wood shelf in our living room at the moment and I love it and it always gets good comments.

next home mat

Pear Doormat


I feel like the colours in this doormat really represents what people would be walking in to in our home. I love the pear design too – it has a real retro, mid century modern feel to it.

next home basket

Terracotta Tassel Storage Basket


Although this says it’s terracotta I would put it in the coral bracket. One of the colour themes I am loving right now is emerald green, coral and gold and this would look gorgeous under the coffee table or in a corner of the living room.


Navy also features high on my list of wants and the spare room will probably have the navy treatment. This room will be for our nieces and nephews and storage will be a big thing is this room so pots that could hold pens and pencils instead of coffee and tea would be a great way to use this type of jar.


This would be ideal on my bedside cabinet as I wear glasses and they always end up on the side, getting banged about all the time. I actually think this is the ultimate accessory or gift for anyone who wears specs, especially at a fiver!

next home mug

Sausage Dog Mug


And finally, I’m obsessed with Sausage dogs and this mug is the cutest. I might even buy this for the new office!

Have you spotted anything in the new Next Home releases that you want?