It’s been a fantastic year for TV already and now that Sky have the Netflix app we have been watching so much more than normal and wanted to give a round up of our faves.

As we settle down in front of our TV one of the Oled televsions Panasonic, we have been enjoying the following shows:

Call the Midwife – Netflix – Series 1-5 (Series 6 is a Christmas Special)

This is a BBC drama set in the 1950s about a team of Midwives that live and work in the Poplars district in London. It depicts life at the time for mothers and families living in the area and is originally based on a true story.

We LOVE this show, in particular the first two series which were based on the books and real life story of Jenny.

We gave this a 5 star review and would recommend it to people who enjoy shows like Downton Abbey or Period Dramas.

You -Netflix – Series 1

A dark semi-humourous show set in America about a bookstore owner who develops a stalkerish obsession with a girl who comes in to his store.

This got rave reviews in the twittersphere but I only gave it a 3 star.

I found it creepy and unrealistic. For me this was ok but not up my street. I doubt I will catch the second series, if there is one.

Luther – BBC – Series 5


Luther is a Crime Drama and is based primarily in London. Very spooky and gritty.

Loved all the series so far and although I wasn’t a fan of the ending of this one I still really enjoyed this series.

I gave this a 4 Star review as it let me down slightly at the end.

Sex Education – Netflix – Series 1

A story about a teenage boy in what seems to be the UK but the backdrop is very similar to the U.S. (very confusing). You can’t even tell what era it is, all you know is they dress like the 80s / 90s but they have smart phones. Very clever and his mum who is a sex therapist.

For me, this was one of the best things I watched in January. It had humour and drama and had a really clever twist on a teen-based series.

I can’t wait for the second series (PLEASE BE A SECOND SERIES). 5 Stars!!!

Everything Sucks – Netflix – Series 1

Another teen drama, a sort of coming of age story based in America. The story is based around a freshman boy who fall in love with the principals daughter. She and him both belong to the AV club and the story follows the ups and downs of their relationship.

I really enjoyed this and I am quite sad that there doesn’t seem to be another series on the cards.

Definitely worth the watch though. I gave this 5 stars also.

Love Sick (formally Scrotal Recall) – Netflix – Series 1-3

If you love British Rom Coms (Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Notting Hill) you will be a MASSIZE fan of this show.

The story follows a man who has just found out he has an STD and he needs to contact everyone he has had sex with to inform them that they need to get tested.

Each of the episodes shows the original encounter but also is interlinked with the story of him and his best friend, Evie.

Again, a corker of a show. 5 stars.

Girlboss – Netflix – Series 1

Sophia is trying to decide what she is going to do with her life when she finds a vintage jacket for $9 and manages to sell it on ebay for $600+

She realises there is a market for vintage clothes online and sets about setting up her own ebay store that is vintage with a difference.

This is a real life story based on the owner of Nasty Gal clothing.

As someone who has a clothing ebay store I really identified with Sophia and found I was even more motivated to improve my own ebay business.

I would recommend this to someone who enjoys a rags to riches story but also needs that motivation to be their own boss.

Again, 5 stars!

Next up on our list is Russian Doll on Netflix. Have heard good things!

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*this post has been sponsored however all my opinions are my own.