In the modern day we are all forced to believe that being busy is better. You are often pushed from one place to another without even giving yourself a minute to breathe and take in your surroundings. Whether you’re trying to build your family a future or chase your career goals, you shouldn’t allow anything to hold you back. Even as an enthusiastic, driven and happy individual, there will still be parts of your life that don’t quite feel complete yet. You might feel stuck in a toxic relationship or battling your boss at work. There are a number of different things that could be bringing you down, so it’s time to clean and cleanse your life. As soon as you feel freed from these shackles you will start to feel like yourself again. Consider some of the following ideas and allow yourself to be liberated from the people and entities that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

1. Remove Toxicity

There is nothing worse than feeling dragged down by another person in your life, whether it’s a partner, friend or colleague. In this case you need to rid yourself of toxicity so that you can feel freed from their negative vibes. Perhaps you have been going through a rough time with your spouse and you want to look into family law solicitors. Going through a divorce, break up or loss of a friendship is never easy, but once you have found a way out of your rut, you will feel so much better.

2. Clear Your Hectic Diary

Even if you are a social butterfly with a tonne of events in your calendar, this might not always be a good thing. More and more people are feeling overwhelmed by their jam packed diaries so it’s time to take a break from the chaos. Only say yes to events and occasions that you really want to go to, otherwise you will be burning the candle at both ends. Cutting back will soon help you to evaluate what’s really important to you so you can pick and choose your social events carefully.

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3. Adjust Your Living Environment

When your home is hectic your mind is inevitably going to lean this way too. Believe it or not, your living environment can have a huge effect on the way you feel mentally. Next time you have a spare moment have a decluttering session around the house; get rid of your unwanted belongings and clutter and you will soon feel much more refreshed. Make your home welcoming and calming so that you always have a serene sanctuary in which you can escape to.

4. Learn to Say No at Work

You have always been a people pleaser who tries to be polite when anybody at work asks you for a favour. In order to free yourself from overwhelming burdens, it is time to start saying no. If you are buried underneath paperwork or an impending deadline, you should always feel strong enough to say no to extra work. You don’t need to put yourself under unnecessary pressure, so only accept tasks you know you can handle.

5. Start Pursuing Your Career Goals

When you aren’t happy in your career you will have so many negative thoughts surrounding your work environment. Work is something we have to do every single day, so why should you suffer? Start pursuing another line of work if you think it will make you happier. Although this is a lot easier said than done, you will soon feel a huge sense of release when you are working in a job you truly enjoy.

6. Get Some Headspace Everyday

The only way that you can cleanse and clear your life is by getting enough alone time throughout the week. Even if you can just stop and take ten minutes to breathe, meditate or exercise, you will soon feel a whole lot better. Start incorporating this alone time into your everyday routine and it will soon become second nature. Whether you’re listening to your favourite podcast on the way to work or reading a book when you get home from work, there are so many ways to switch off and enjoy doing something just for yourself.

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7. Learn to See the Positive Side

If you trudge your way through life with your glass half empty, then you are never going to embrace everything the world has to offer you. Learning how to be more positive will give you a better outlook on life and you will benefit in the long run. Practicing gratitude every day will help you to cleanse your mind from negative thoughts altogether. Feeling grateful about what we have in our life is something everyone should be doing on a daily basis.

8. Be Genuinely Happy in Your Own Skin

Having insecurities is completely natural, but you should never allow them to overtake your everyday thoughts. If you are overly obsessed with your body image you are not going feel completely confident in your own skin. This can bring you down every day, especially if you don’t do anything about it. Tell yourself how beautiful you are every morning and you will soon feel more and more confident as the days go by.

Some of the changes above will be a lot more releasing that you would imagine. By making a few alterations to the people, habits and ideologies in your life, you could feel much happier and content in your own mind and body. Clearing and cleansing your life doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything that makes you happy; it means discarding everything you don’t need anymore. Whether you are overwhelmed by your jam packed diary or stressed out in your current career, there are so many changes you can make for the better. So use these techniques to cleanse and clean your life of all things stressful, toxic and overwhelming. You will have a weight lifted from your shoulders in no time.

*collaborative post