Just because summer has left (sob), it doesn’t mean that getaways, adventures, and road trips towards National Trust locations (as you know we have joined recently), need to be forgotten until next year. If you have a car, caravan, or a camper van; you have the means to get away, even if it’s just for a night, or over a weekend. Braving cooler weather conditions is all part of the fun, and the focus can be on quality time with those you love, and plenty of physical exercise and activities, so you can make some great memories. Or, perhaps you need a little solo escape, for a mindful and relaxing break; there’s no better time of year to make the most of the UK countryside!

It can be as simple as popping your fingers down on a map and heading out on a Friday evening, or Saturday morning, with plenty of supplies in tow. So, if you’re missing the fun of summer; keep the momentum going, and utilise your weekends more. The following are some tips, ideas, and advice on taking a road trip with your partner, pooch, or friends; for those who love an adventure.

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The Car

Consider popping some blackout stickers on the windows in the back of your car; this will ensure that the sunlight doesn’t overheat any backseat passengers (especially if you have a dog), and the temperature of the vehicle stays consistent. Put your favourite radio station or music on; however, make sure that the designated driver can concentrate properly and isn’t distracted by any loud noises. It’s worth giving the car a once-over before setting off, and ensure that you’re fully insured; check out sites like https://cheapautoinsurance.co/ so that you can find a suitable option for you and your car. Obviously, you’ll need plenty of car snacks; stock up on nibbles and drinks, and make the most of all those quaint pit stops and cafes along the way.


The Destination

You’ll need to choose a place, or places, that are within reach so that you can get there and back successfully within the space of your weekend. This is why it’s great to have a planned destination in mind before you set off, so you can work out how much time it’ll take, where to refuel, and how much time you can spend there, in advance of your journey. Maybe there’s a location that’s sentimental, and you want to show your other half a childhood fave, or perhaps there’s a festival or event happening that you will both love, or maybe you just need to escape into nature, and a forest or coastal setting will be the perfect place to do so. As long as you’ve packed all the right gear, have enough petrol in the tank to get there and back, and can’t wait to spend quality time with your favourites; you’ll have an adventure to remember, every time you set out on the open road. Autumn in the UK is a beautiful time, so why not make the most of it this weekend!

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