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‘Convenience’ can sometimes be misconstrued as a dirty word. We think of the person who chooses to take the elevator or escalator each time, despite there only being one flight of stairs between them and their goal. We think of the person who orders takeout three times a week despite perfectly good groceries sitting in their refrigerator. It’s easy to confuse convenience with laziness sometimes, and perhaps the previous two examples fall mostly into the latter labelling. However, convenience needn’t be a dirty word. Its presence can help you save time in drudgery, give you the tools to live your smoothest life, and potentially even help you out of a real jam.

In the following article, we hope to help you feel less ashamed of caring for convenience in your life, of where the real-world applications of this could be best applied, and how to value your time enough to make use of this completely. Its benefits could be much more profound than simply saving you time from cooking food.


A Little Help From Friends Or Family

It can unfortunately be quite common to feel like we are best when we are doing things on our own. Sometimes a little help from our friends and family not only serves as an excellent method of bonding with them, but of helping you achieve something you might not have. For example, being reminded to take care of a certain thing, or to get over your fear of doing a certain thing, or of coming together to achieve something together. For example, it might be that you know you need to lose weight and get in shape. Most people struggle with this. It can be scary to jump into a gym after twenty years and simply get started. It can be worrying to think that despite starting, we might not make it as we would have liked to. It can be disheartening to skip a session, or to eat more than we had planned for that day.

While mistakes are perhaps one of the most normal matters of human day to day life, and everyone commits them, it can be much easier to decide to call upon your friend or family member to help you through this. A little encouragement can help you go a long way. Sometimes a friend saying they’re proud of you can be worth more than one thousand positive affirmations. Sometimes bringing your friend along to the gym to start a health journey together can help you stick to your schedule as you’d be afraid of letting the other person down. Before you know it, you’re much more in shape than you used to be.

The Beatles were of course genius musical talent, but it’s one song that seems to sing from decades past with the most strength.

A Little Help From Services

It can be worthwhile to consider how convenience need not be a dirty word in several areas where they previously might have been. For example, we often think of food delivered to your door to be among the basic tenets of laziness as emphasized above. But these days, times are changing. It might be that using a service such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh can help you find weekly collections of raw ingredients and recipes come to your door, giving you the tools to cook for yourself with ease, learn how to make certain recipes, and potentially help you eliminate food waste.

It could be that using a service like Dollar Shave Club could help you avoid purchasing over expensive razors in the store. It might be that purchasing home delivery subscriptions of your nutritional supplement needs could help you feel the best in yourself from day to day, ignoring the overblown store prices and instead finding blends you might need. The same goes for gourmet coffee, cleaning products, or even two hour delivery services offered by sites like Amazon. If you live in any form of metropolitan area, the options for home convenience are quite ridiculously wide these days, so be sure to see if you could benefit from any of them yourself. You might just be surprised.

Your Health Needs

Your health needs are perhaps some of the most important to completely take care of. If there’s anything that should benefit from convenience, it’s this. You deserve to feel supported and taken care of in your home, and that means ensuring you have access to the goods you need. You might decide to go here for the easy ordering of online NHS prescriptions to your door, avoiding the inconvenience of having to travel and wait for items you absolutely need, and instead rely on a service that is both regular and can prevent you from ever missing a dose of your medication.

Scheduling Correctly

Scheduling correctly can be an extremely worthwhile thing to take into account. It might be that you have many home responsibilities, but they require you heading out and taking care of them. Bringing them all together into one morning of intense task-management might save you the rest of the week completely.

This habitual process can also add convenience to your life, even if you don’t quite save time or energy in the process. For example, it might be that you always put a laundry load in on Thursday and Tuesday night, or perhaps you always meal prep on a Sunday evening to ensure microwavable lunches for the next week of work. You might decide to clean your abode each Sunday morning to prevent any dirt from building, and to help your place feel organized. You might do the same with your office desk, because a messy one can often lead to a distracted mind. If you have roommates, putting together a schedule of mutual cleaning can help each one of you enjoy a calmer and more comfortable space without dealing with the hardships of a lack of mutual group enthusiasm.

With these tips, the convenience you enjoy in your life is sure to be much more present and assured.

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