Living in the heart of Derbyshire we have a huge choice of National Trust options and although we have been to some of the grounds we have never taken the plunge and looked in to membership. Until today!

national trust 1

We are off to the Cotswolds soon with Rupert (our dog) to spend some time relaxing and just generally taking some time away together.  Near the village we’re staying in is a number of National Trust parks so we might end up going to one with the pup. We will take a picnic and just meander round enjoying the outdoors.

Obviously, with Claire’s health issues we have to go slow but I am hoping that by joining the National Trust it will encourage us to visit more places and will help us with our weight loss and health in general.

I love the countryside, it’s one of the reason I love Britain as a whole.

For a small Island we have some outstanding places to visit and we would be fulfilling one of my lifetime goals, to visit as many places in the UK as possible.  It’s not that I don’t like travelling outside of the UK but when I do I yearn for our green landscapes and picturesque views.  There is something so spectacular about seeing 100 shades of green by standing in one point and looking round.

I also love the heritage that goes alongside this wonderful country. The landscape is littered with historical events and the National Trust has been keeping those alive.

Our decision to join the National Trust was based on all the above.

A few places near us I would love to visit

national trust 2

Once we have done these we would look further afield so we could choose some areas to spend weekends away.

Do you have a National Trust membership?

What are your favourite National Trust places to visit?