Going make-up free can be scary for many of us – putting on make-up can become a morning ritual that helps us to feel beautiful and complete. Feeling comfortable with your natural appearance involves learning to love yourself for who you are. If you want to cut down on your cosmetics, here are some ways in which you can wear less makeup and still feel beautiful.

Look after your skin

You don’t have to let go of all skin products – cleansers and moisturisers are essential for preserving your skin’s natural beauty. Get rid of spots by washing your face daily and using products such as tea tree and witch hazel. Applying moisturiser each day will meanwhile reduce the likeliness of getting wrinkles later on in life whilst giving your skin more of a natural rosy glow. There are other habits worth adopting if you want to look after your skin such as avoiding sunburn, drinking lots of water, lowering your sugar intake and quitting bad habits like smoking.

Find the right hairstyle

Find a hairstyle that helps to frame your face right – there are many online guides that can help you to achieve this. Resist the urge to go wild with dyes and extensions just to make up for your lack of make-up and use your natural hair to its advantage. That said, you may be able to subtle colouring that brings out the colour of your eyes or complements your skin better.

Make a statement with accessories

You can also use accessories to help accentuate your natural beauty. This could include anything from glasses to nose rings. If you like to regularly switch up your make-up in order to feel different, you could do the same with accessories and still give yourself that feeling of keeping your looks new and fresh.

Bring out your natural tones with colour coordination

As stated with hairstyles, you can use colour to bring out your eye colour – the same can be done with clothing. For example, you could wear a blue top or a blue dress if you want to bring out the blueness in your eyes. You can also contrast clothing to your skin tone – this could include wearing lighter clothing to contrast darker skin, or wearing blue tones to bring out the rosy redness in your skin.

Smile more

Smiling is the simplest way that you can bring out your natural beauty. A smile instantly endears people to you helping you to seem more enthusiastic at a job interview, more attractive on a date and more approachable at a party. It can also release endorphins that can make you feel better about yourself. Start loving your smile and you’ll immediately feel prettier.


*Collaborative post