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I finally gave in to the hype recently I bought myself a couple of products from Jouer (sold at Cult Beauty), the Springtime in Paris Palette and Jouer Lip Cream in Terra (part of the fall collection).

I had seen a number of YouTubers (I know, haven’t we all?) that were raving about the Springtime In Paris eyeshadow palette and how lovely the shadows were. They said it had surprised them and I was excited to see a palette that was a little different to the normal neutrals palette in a small, compact size.

At the same time I was looking to find some more nude liquid lipsticks and I had heard great things about the long wear lip creams and wanted to find a warmer nude colour when I found the shade Terra, a light peachy nude.

Springtime in Paris Palette

Jouer 2

So, here is the palette in all it’s glory. It’s a brilliant all rounder in my opinion.


It is a lovely light pinky peach colour with a metallic gold pattern on the lid and text. It is plastic with a really good closure, very handy for travel.


Every single on of these is a lovely soft texture but not so much that it kicks up a lot of product when you put your brush in (if you have the Modern Renaissance palette you will know what that is like!)

Shades and Pigmentation

Jouer 3The YouTubers didn’t lie, this is PIGMENTED! In fact it’s a perfect pigment in my opinion. Not so pigmented it stains but the right amount that will show up on your eye without too much building.

The shades are just perfect. You have your matte base shadows, your crease shades and dark liner shade and then you have metallic pops. A great gold, a warm burgundy, a great purple and a lovely navy. To me this has everything you need to create any eye look at any time. It’s definitely a one size fits all.

Long Wear Lip Cream – Terra

Jouer 4

Since I got this I have worn this so much. I absolutely love this shade. It is so unique but definitely flattering.


I can genuinely say this is the smallest product. I never thought it would be so small. I thought they had sent me a sample! However, in a way, I would rather have smaller packaging and use a product up than waste so much so I sort of understand why.

It has a little ridge on one side as I believe you can slot them together (not sure how) but I find that slightly annoying.

It is cute those and it fits really nicely in my storage.


This is a lovely texture. It’s not thick and moussey but it’s also not too thin, sort of like a gel which glides on. It isn’t instantly drying but it takes about 1 minute to dry completely. It’s not 100% kiss proof once it’s on but it isn’t massively transferrable so it does stick around for a good length of time.

You can add product on top though without it crumbling which I do prefer in a liquid lipstick.


This has a sickly sweet cake batter scent and I have to admit it’s not my favourite, it’s so strong. It does go pretty quick so I can get over it.


As you can see this is a lovely warm nude. It goes really well with all the warm looks I have been creating recently and is unique to anything I have in my collection. Although it is a peachy warm nude it doesn’t make my teeth look yellow so definitely a winner.

On another note, if you aren’t on my social media you won’t know that I am blogging EVERY day in July so keep an eye out for the next post tomorrow.

Have you tried any Jouer products? What’s your favourite? What should I buy?