magic 1

Juvias Place finally released their palettes in the UK on Beauty Bay recently and I had two I had to get. The Magic Palette was the first one on my wishlist.

I was so excited when these palettes landed as I have had my eye on them for ages but just couldn’t justify ordering them from the U.S. (darn customs charges!).

I have seen how pigmented they are on other channels and truth be told I really wanted to compare them to my other favourite formula, Makeup Addiction cosmetics.

As soon as I opened this palette I knew I had made the right choice.

magic 2

16 gorgeous shades and each one so different to anything I have in my collection. Fantastic!

So what can I tell you about the palette so far.


magic 3

It comes in an outer cardboard sleeve and then you open the box to show a hard cardboard square package.

It’s a lovely peach shade with an orange ‘trim’ (can you use the word trim as a descriptive for anything other than a car? I am anyway so deal lol).

It doesn’t have a mirror. I thought it wouldn’t bother me but actually, it does a little as it’s hard to hold the palette and a mirror. Because I have bad eyesight I have to have a mirror close without specs so ones in palettes are much better for me. It’s not a huge problem though, it keeps the cost and the weight down so I know it’s more of a personal preference.


The texture of the shadows is great. The mattes are smooth but not powdery and they blend beautifully on the eyes. I know some people think they are a little dry but personally I think this is a good formula for mattes. I don’t want too much fall out. The shimmers are almost wet like. Very metallic. Just how I like it.

In terms of in comparison to my Makeup Addiction palettes they are so similar. There is slightly more fall out (there is practically none in the Makeup Addiction ones though so it’s hard to be that on point) but nothing really in comparison to others ( I am looking at you Loral Pro!)

Shade range

I have swatched all the colours so you can see the texture and shade range. I used surgical tape to get the line but apparently I am sensitive so not sure if I will be doing it again.

magic 4

magic 5

magic 6

magic 7

The colours are just gorgeous. So many fabulous looks, neutral, bold, smokey, colourful, I just love them.

I have already done quite a few different looks and still haven’t touched some of the colours yet.

Overall Impression

I really like this palette – I just keep picking it up and it really was worth the wait. It cost me £29 from Beauty Bay but I think they added another £ on recently (which I don’t understand) and it is quite a bit more than in America but I do think it’s worth it.

If you like the look of it I would highly recommend this palette, it performs better than some of my others.

What do you think of this palette? Do you think you would like it? Are the colours appealing?