amplified 1

So, I did it, I bought one of the Makeup Revolution Amplified Palettes. I wasn’t going to but this one really caught my eye.

I went for Dynamic because of the purples. If you didn’t know I am a huge fan of purple eyeshadow and it’s so hard to get right, usually they are muddy or not quite purple enough so I was excited to see if this could perform.

At first I was on the fence, I was not a fan of the morphe palettes so the large 35 palettes were definitely not on my radar…until I saw Tammi play with this on an instagram live video and I was sold.

amplified 2

They have called this a Pro HD palette which means it will be a better formula and they have ensured these are talc free so you know you will be getting high pigment shadows.

I was really pleased when it arrived. Everything was there, a base shadow, transition shades and then every shade of purple you might want including matte and shimmer.

amplified 3

I love how it’s a mixture of cool and warm shades too. It definitely is an all rounder palette in my opinion as I can play with colour, have a neutral look, a matte neutral, a shimmery look and warm blown out looks too.

The thing that sets these apart from the morphe palettes is that they have a HUGE mirror and the packaging is a little more sturdy.

Plus they are only £15 each. I know that is a little more than most of their palettes but they are large 35 shadows with each shadow being around the size of a 10p piece (or if you are in the US a quarter).

I have found myself reaching for this palette more than I would.

It has definitely made me want to try other Amplified palettes…if only they did an all colour one! So far they are all pretty neutral.

Have you tried any of the amplified palettes? Which ones would you pick?