Heat 1

The Naked Heat Palette Launches on the 27th July 2017 in shops across the UK after they did a flash release last month.

As you know I managed to get my hands on one and did a first impression and also bought one for a giveaway. I then was sent one to review and I thought it would be a great time to swatch it for you properly as you didn’t get to see them with an update on my thoughts.

The packaging is so beautiful but a little chunky for my preference. I do think I prefer a cardboard style packaging over chunky plastic as I like how slim the palettes can be.

This one doesn’t fit in my palette storage so it’s slightly frustrating. Aside from that though it really is unique and represents what is inside perfectly.

Heat 2

When you open the palette you are hit with the most gorgeous reds, almost like brick colours and as said in my first impression it’s all quite samey.

I have to admit, now I have used it more I am finding that this palette works the best using shades as one / two shade eye looks so this is really good for someone who has maybe never used a palette before but want something really simple yet effective on their lid.

Heat 3

The most impressive thing is the pigmentation of each and every one of these.

They all perform so beautifully on the eye. The blending is just gorgeous on these.

I have one bug bear, it’s so minor though but there isn’t a lovely light metallic shade. Not that EVERY other palette I own doesn’t have one so it’s not like I am lacking one, just if this is the only palette you own you will need to find something like that to help finish off your look.

Heat 4

You can see from the swatches how gorgeous each and every one swatches.

You will be able to get this palette on the Urban Decay website for £39.50.