naked skin

I have been trying to find a perfect base for a while and when I discovered the Naked Skin duo I think I have finally found something close to perfect.

Naked Skin Foundation £28.50

I was in Selfridges and I tried a bit of the naked skin foundation in shade 1.0 on the back of my hand and I was so surprised at what that small pump achieved.

It was a thin consistency, almost watery so I didn’t expect much but when I blended it in it covered flawlessly and felt really lightweight.

I decided I wanted to try it out in a full size and so I went ahead and purchased the bottle.

I have now been using this for 3 months and it’s coming to it’s end so I can honestly say this is a lovely foundation for those of you like me who have normal/dry skin. The finish is flawless and slightly luminous without being too dewy.

Naked Skin Concealer  £19.00

It was only recent that I decided to bite the bullet and buy the concealer after seeing it hyped on YouTube in 2016. I did want to let the hype die down a little bit before I invested like with everything I see on YouTube. I am so glad I did though. This was a revelation. This is a fantastic concealer, the best I have ever used.

I picked the lightest shade, fair neutral, for highlighting under my eyes. I always do this and this is very very light (as you can see from the photograph).

The consistency is lovely and thick and you don’t need half as much as any other concealer I have used. I use only one swipe of the applicator for both sides of the eye which means although I paid more I use less than budget brands so I think it evens itself out.

Out of the two, I think the concealer is the ultimate holy grail for me right now.

However, as a team, they work incredibly well and once I have used all my current foundation stash I would definitely consider repurchasing the foundation. As for the concealer – I don’t think I could be without it.

What is your perfect base? Have you found your perfect base? Have you tried any of these products?