Pillow Talk Charlotte Tilbury – The first Matte Revolution I have owned

Pillow talk 1

I finally did it! I finally bit the bullet (so to speak) and bought myself a Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk.

I have been debating whether to pick one up and I really couldn’t decide which was the best colour.

I always loved the lip cheat in pillow talk but never picked it up but when I saw the colour in lipstick form in a formula I thought I would enjoy I had to get it.

So, What do I think?

Let’s start with the packaging.

Pillow talk 2

The packaging is iconic. It reminds me of old Estee Lauder / Elizabeth Arden lipsticks my grandma used to have and makes me feel really nostalgic.

It’s lovely and weighty and it’s a gorgeous colour.

I absolutely love the box too. A stunning maroon colour with the iconic 1920s feel that Charlotte brings to all her packaging.

The bullet has a square shape, I haven’t seen that before in any other lipsticks and personally I wouldn’t say it brings anything special to the application on the lips.

In terms of the formula, it claims to be matte. It’s more demi matte. Very comfortable and velvetty.

The colour pay off is a little underwhelming. I expected it to be so much more pigmented in one swipe but you definitely have to build it up. This might not be the case for each shade but for this one it is.

I have more affordable lipsticks that perform a well, if not better (maybelline creamy mattes for example) and I expect it to be amazing for the price.

The colour isn’t massively unique but it is gorgeous and I do really find it suits me. It’s a cool toned nude but has a slight peachy undertone too and I quite like it.

Pillow talk 3

Overall I do love this lipstick but would I buy another one based on this experience. Probably not. I know this is maybe an unpopular opinion but these are ok.

If I was going to spend the amount of money on a lipstick I spent on this I would go for Chanel or YSL over this formula.

I would compare it to MAC and they are around £10 cheaper.



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