Renaissance 1

After much deliberation I decided to purchase 4 of the much spoken about Renaissance Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution.

These are the newest lip installment from the TAM Beauty collective which are much more luxe than their original £1 lipsticks.


Renaissance 2


There is no denying the packaging looks familiar, think Charlotte Tilbury, Joan Collins and Esteé Lauder. It is metal, not plastic and really weighty.


These are a mixture of satin and demi matte I believe and I managed to get my hand on 1 demi matte and 3 satin shades. Not that I would know as it doesn’t say on the packaging or the website what formula you are getting.


Renaissance 3


There are so many shades and I chose ones I thought would be suitable and easy to wear. All the shades match the colour on the bottom of lipstick in real life. On the website however, there is real discrepencies in the shade you see and the shade you get. My biggest piece of advice is to look for swatches where you can or see them in real life.

The four shades I chose (left to right) are, Lifelong, Rebirth, Renew, Prime.

Renaissance 4


The scent is a fake sweet vanilla, it’s not too strong but most of their lipsticks smell the same.


As you can see from the swatches you get an opaque colour from one swipe which is fantastic. They feel lovely and creamy on the lips, in fact they feel so similar to some of my favourite high end lip products. Definitely in a different league to their original lipsticks.

Overall thoughts

I am so impressed with these lipsticks. Being that they are only £4 makes them extremely good value for money. I have to admit that I want more now after buying these four shades. I hope they bring out more.

My favourite shade is Lifelong, a deepened dusky rose and my most used is prime, a mauvey toned, pinky, browny nude!

Renaissance 5

Favourite – Lifelong


Renaissance 6

Most used – Prime