Shine 1

When it comes to high end I am quite picky but I cannot help but buy these perfect lipsticks from YSL. The Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks are probably my all time favourite formula for every day.

I currently have 6 shades:

No. 6 – Pink in Devotion

No. 9 – Nude in Private

No. 19 – Fuchsia in Rage

No. 28 – Rose in Time

No. 47 – Beige Blouse

No. 48 – Smoking Plum

Shine 2

I bought No. 9 as my first one and I was absolutely blown away with how much I loved it. It’s not something I would normally pick as it’s a balmy, sheer pigment type lipstick and I really love a bold and matte lip normally but something about this made me want to buy more.

Description (from the YSL website) 

A truly cult lipstick. Rouge Volupte Shine combines voluptuous glide-and-go colour with comfort and care. Thanks to 6 sensorial oils your lips are kissed with long-lasting moisture. Rouge Volupte Shine is wrapped in a romantic, elegant, gold case.

Available in 30 dazzling shades, from semi-sheer to more intense.

Shine 3


The packaging of this lipstick really sets it miles apart from any other lipstick. It’s a beautifully weighted metal case with the shade nicely placed in the centre so you can see at a glance what colour it is.

This has to be THE most Instagram friendly packaging and I wish all my lip products came in this packaging.


I love the shine formula and the six I have are all in that formula (two are oil in stick but still shine) and they are just so soft and feel nourishing on the lips.

The colour is not completely sheer especially the deeper colours which have a quite high pigment. The thing I like the best is that they do leave the lips, of course but with the nude shades it’s very simple to reapply, even without a mirror and the deeper shades leave a tint on the lips which means you don’t have to reapply too much. They even last throughout a meal.

Shine 4


These do have a scent and it took me a good few months to work out exactly what that scent was and then it clicked.

If you are a teen of the 90s you may have been to a bar and had a drink called Reef which is an orange and passion fruit juice drink with alcohol in it.

It smells JUST like that.

A lot of people say watermelon scent but it’s definitely the passionfruit that comes through for me. I didn’t think I would like a highly scented lipstick but I love it. The scent is my favourite lipstick scent ever and so unique.


I use them straight from the tube and because the formula glides on it is easy to just swipe on and go.


As I mentioned before it’s a balmy consistency which means the shine is the right name for this. You end up with lovely shiny lips which look plump luscious. I love the way my lips look in this formula.

Final thoughts

I would love to own more of these and I always know if I was stuck for a gift idea for me this would really be a wonderful way to make sure I am happy. I love everything about these and am yet to be disappointed.

Are you a fan of these little luxury lipsticks?