Lorac Pro Palette – my go to neutral palette

Lorac 3The Lorac Pro Palette is a cult classic and it was so hard to get hold of but I am so so pleased I did!

There are many reasons why this is my go to neutral palette and I want to give you the 5 reasons.

1) Packaging

The packaging on this palette is so sleek. It’s extra thin and although it’s cardboard it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart easy and it makes it lighter.

Lorac 1

2) The shade range

The shades are perfect. 8 Mattes, 8 shimmers and you ca make every single look you ever wanted from it.

3) The formula

This is the softest formula I have come across. You dip your brush in and it just sinks in to the shadow.

Lorac 2

4) Pigment

Every single shadow has amazing pigment. There isn’t one dud in this palette. The black is BLACK. Not a weird dark grey. The lighter shades are really pigmented too which I love.

5) Longevity

I use primer all the time but I do find these last really well. I think these would stay on the eye without primer but haven’t tried.

There is a reason this palette is a cult classic and for me this will go everywhere with me as I get the most complete looks out of it.

You can see I genuinely love this from the picture as I have hit serious pan on the cream shade which I use every time as my base.

I think if I decide to pan a whole palette I could easily do this one as the shadows are so soft and easy to blend.

Have you ever tried this palette? If you have it what is your favourite thing about it? What don’t you like?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. July 16, 2017 / 1:02 am

    It’s gorgeous I’ve not used mine in ages but you’ve made me want to dig it out again. Great read Leah xxx

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