Flaming 1

No your eyes are not deceiving you. You are looking at the most beautiful palette E.V.E.R. The Flaming Love Palette from Makeup Addiction.

I saw this on my friend Vicky’s instagram and I was absolutely bowled over by the shades and then, watching her channel on YouTube, I saw how freakin’ immense the colours were.


You get a cardboard palette with a cardboard sleeve inย silver with a vintage wallpaper type print on it.

It has a a mirror on the inside and is quite heavy due to the magnet which holds the eyeshadow in. the eyeshadows as you can see are able to be removed from the packaging, which I actually really like.

The lid has magnets too so it closes and stays closed.

Flaming 2


Not only are the shimmers such a soft lovely, almost wet texture and the mattes smooth and buttery they have NO FALL OUT. They have no powder kick up whatsoever.


I don’t know how they have done it but not only are they amazing texture the pigmentation is CRAZY good. I wish all my shadows were like this. The below picture is a light touch.


At first I thought the colours were random but they really aren’t. Sure there isn’t a cream matte in this but I don’t care a jot…I have 50 other palettes and a few singles that have the shade I need so it’s not an issue.

Flaming 3


A long lasting shadow that blends beautifully on the eye. Enough said.

The verdict

These are my favourite shadows of all time every. I have so many but I really do love these so much. The purple is the sort of cadburys shade I have been looking for and I am able to create amazing colourful but some neutral looks with this too.

Flaming 4

I already purchased another palette since then and wouldn’t hesitate in buying singles if they sold them.

What do you think of this? Have you bought this?