When the MAC x Mariah Carey collection landed in November 2016 I knew I had to get my hands on as much as possible. As part of my haul I got the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush.

I have now been using this for a while (although you wouldn’t know!) and I have to say, I am impressed.

This is the first single MAC blush I have ever used and it’s left a lasting impression on me. (I do have a blush in the nutcracker sweet compacts).

As a huge fan of Mariah Carey (in the 90s) Sweet Fantasy was one of my favourite songs, although that wasn’t the reason I bought the blush.

As soon as I saw the shade I was hooked.

In the photo’s the shade pulls slighty pinker than in real life. It’s definitely more peachy toned but still with a lovely pink undertone. Almost coral.

Fantasy 2

The texture of the blush is silky smooth, which you expect from MAC, but the thing I love most is ow it goes on.

This feels slightly sheer and it’s absolutely buildable.

I keep finding that I reach for this a lot because it goes with so many looks and because I am using a lot of warmer eyeshadows at the moment (who isn’t!?!) this really lends itself to it.

Fantasy 3

I have used this more than 10 times but I don’t even see a change in the texture – it looks brand new!

I can’t really compare this shade to anything either I’ve got in my collection but if you do manage to find something similar it really will get you through the spring and summer.

I love that this was a limited edition collection. The packaging on this was pretty basic in comparison to the rest of the collection but it does make me want to buy more limited edition items.

As a makeup collector I think I enjoy that part more and limited edition always looks so beautiful.

Did you get your hands on either of the MAC x Mariah Carey Blushes?

Do you have a blush of a similar shade you think I would enjoy?