Ultimate 1Ultimate, definitely the right word for this palette. This is a huge Blush, Light and Contour palette from Makeup Revolution.

I decided to purchase this when it was on offer. I paid £10 (I know!!!!) for 32 different shades which actually work well across the board on my skin.

I did purchase this a while ago but I have been trying them all out so I could give a proper review of this product.

Firstly, it is a very large plastic palette that has a small mirror in the middle of the lid. I think that if they even tried to put a full size mirror in this it would have been far too heavy. This isn’t something you will be putting in your travel case that’s for sure.

The great thing is with this is you will never run out of blush for any season.

Ultimate 2

Each of the shades is the size of a full size blush from their £1 range so you are saving £22 at the price I paid and you get the greatest shade range.

On the left is your highlighters. When I swatched them with my finger I couldn’t see any pigment…I was slightly disappointed but with a brush you get the most gorgeous sheen on the cheeks. Some of them are really subtle whilst others are so blinding you have to use a light hand.

The second row is your cool tone blushers and the third row is your warmer tones. Some are satin, some shimmery and some matte which I really love as you get all those formulas.

The final row is the bronzers and they are cool, warm, shimmery, anything you need to be honest.

Ultimate 3

I was worried the top right would be a tad light for a bronzer but it’s so perfect for fair skin tones.

Any of the others I would possibly struggle with would make beautiful crease or eyeshadow colours.

I have to admit this is stunning and I really didn’t have any preconceived ideas about it but I also wasn’t overwhelmed on the website so when it came I was excited to give it a try.

I find them all blendable and I find them amazingly pigmented. Not so much you can’t blend but enough to show up on the skin.

Have you tried this palette? Do you think you would buy a huge palette like this to use at home?