In a world that’s driven by money, there are plenty of ways that us mere mortals can make a little extra cash when needed. Here are ten unique ways to make money right now.

Sell Your Photos

Fancy yourself a bit of a photographer? Well, you can now make money from your snaps, with stock sites like Shutterstock and Adobe, who are always looking to buy photos. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or not, if they look good and it’s a picture they’ll need, they’ll buy it from you.

Rent Out Your Home

Renting out a spare room can be great if you’re after a chunk of regular income each month. As long as you’re happy sharing your space and vet your tenants, this is a great way of making money.

Sell Your Skills

Selling your skills is very much easier than it used to be, especially as there are now so many websites that can sell everything from gardening to designing a website. Put some of that spare time to use and make a bit of cash while doing it.

Deliver Meals

If you want a bit of exercise, you can always deliver meals to those who order takeouts. As winter draws in, there will probably be a lot more people staying in than eating out. You could do deliveries by car but why not save on gas and get your daily dose of exercise.

Get Paid To Search And Listen

You can now be paid to search the web, crazy right? A site called Qmee, which is an extension added onto your browser, will offer you cash rewards on your searches. There’s also a site called slicethepie, where you can listen to unsigned artists and bands and get paid.

Fill In Surveys

Online surveys can be a great way to make money, and they can require very little thinking or time on your part. For example, vindale surveys review, you can do in the comfort of your own home while watching tv or maybe do it when traveling to work.

Become A Secret Shopper

If you love shopping then becoming a secret shopper won’t even feel like work. Secret shoppers are hired by the business when they want to see how their employees are performing and how functional the business is.

Teach Classes Online

If you enjoy teaching and have something to offer, you might want to earn a little money by teaching classes online. With so many people around the world, using the web, you can earn plenty of money.

Start A Blog

Blogging can be a great way of earning some money as many companies are now looking to the everyday person to promote their products or services. It’s pretty easy to start a blog, and you can write about anything you want. With enough of a following, you can even take it full-time.

With so many choices, there’s something to suit everyone, and you’ll be making some extra money in no time. It’s perfect for when those emergencies happen!