A second-hand car can be an excellent option, especially for younger, more inexperienced drivers and families who might be looking to save money and cut costs. Buy the right second-hand car, and you can have a reliable and trustworthy vehicle that will keep you safe and get you around without issue. It could last you for years and run well without substantial problems.

But, it doesn’t feel new. Getting into a second-hand car isn’t the same as sitting down in a brand new car. To be fair though, even a new car, only feels fresh for a short time. Soon, it’s lost that lovely new smell, and it’s started to feel worn in and old.

However, if you relish that new car feel, and want to add a little luxury to your drives, you can fake it. There are plenty of things that you can do to make your next second-hand car feel new. No matter how old it is.

Buy the Right Car

Taking your time to find the right second-hand car can make all of the difference. Buy a car that you don’t love, and you’ll never be able to make it feel new. It will never feel right, and you’ll never be entirely happy with it. So, find the right one. Look online at https://www.newtonsofashley.com/used/christchurch take some cars on tests drives and shop around before you commit.

Clean It


Have you ever taken your car to the car wash to find that it’s a completely different colour afterward? Most of us have, especially in the winter months where our cars quickly get dirty and are much harder to keep clean. Having it washed can make it look and feel sparkly and new.

Don’t forget the inside, either. Often that lovely new car is just the smell of clean upholstery. Hoover the inside and shampoo the seats and it will smell much newer. Check out cleaning tips at https://haynes.com/en-gb/tips-tutorials/10-car-cleaning-tips-pros if you need some help.

Go for the Full Service

You should have your car serviced once a year. During this service, your oil will be changed, air conditioning filters cleaned or changed, tyre pressure checked and adjusted, fluids topped up, brakes checked, and pads changed, suspension checked, lights checked and bulbs replaced, and much more. Many of these points are small details that you’d never think to do, but they will make your car feel new. When you get back in to drive after a full service, your vehicle will feel slightly different, and your drives will be smoother.

Restore the Paintwork

Over time, even when we are careful, our cars pick up scratches. Most people won’t notice them, but you might. Getting a re-spray or doing some touch-ups yourself can make it look much newer.

Replace Door Seals

Does the inside of your car feel chilly? Or does the door rattle slightly? Over time the seals on any door become worn and start to let in air. Your car is no different, and truly only very new cars have perfect seals. Replace yours for an instantly newer feel.

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