When it comes to many of our dreams as we grow older, a lot of us want to be able to have our dream home to raise our family and enjoy our life in. Most people usually look to buy a home which is already on the market and although you can find some great properties this way, there always seems to be one thing or another which we would have done differently if we had our chance. This is why the idea of building a house is becoming increasingly popular, as people want to be able to be there every step of the way and design the perfect place. Here are just some of the perks you’ll see if you build your own home this year.

Land can be cheap

If you look into the prices of houses in your area versus land for sale, there is a massive difference in price. Because land is bare and has nothing on it already it only makes sense for it to be much cheaper, and this can be a handy trick for you when you come to building a home of your own. If you buy a cheap plot of land you can save money right from the start and this will allow you to spend money on the important things like facilities and features later down the line.

You can buy a flat pack home

The idea of literally gutting a piece of land, laying a foundation and designing your home from scratch can be a little daunting and unless you have a team of people to help you, you might not want to take the risk. This is ok though, because there are such a thing as flat pack homes which you can design and order, and then simply put together when it arrives on the site. This can make life a lot easier for you if you are looking for a manageable project and can allow you to free up your time to think about interior design.

You have control

The main reason why people choose to build their own house rather than settle for what is available is the idea of control. We all have a different idea of what the perfect home should be and it is a rare occurrence to find a place which has everything we want in one place. This is why it is important to make sure that we can be there every step of the process and choose every little piece of brick and mortar ourselves. It will guarantee that the home we end up with is what we wanted all along.

You choose your own materials

When it comes to building a house, one of the things which can be fun for you to do is choose your own building materials. There are so many different types of brick, glass and wood available to you and you can choose the perfect ones for your taste. It can be a fun way to see the whole building process step by step and you’ll be able to control every single element of the building.

You can make an eco paradise

One of the things which many of us are much more conscious of these days is the environment. Making sure we keep our planet healthy and green is a big thing for us and if you build your own house you can have some control over the energy it uses and how it impacts on the world. You could use recyclable materials to build the home, add solar panels and even a water mill if your plot of land has a stream running through it. There are so many ways you can create the ideal eco home and all of these things can make a big difference.

It will be everything you want

Have you ever looked at a house on the market and thought to yourself ‘this would be perfect, if only the kitchen was bigger’? Well, there will always be little elements of other houses which don’t quite come up to standard in your home and when you do see these things you may think you can never have exactly what you want. The beauty of building the house is that you can control every single centimetre of space and light to make it perfect for your taste.

You’ll feel a huge sense of pride

Building a house is a huge project and it will be one which is the most expensive you have ever done. But at the end of the day when you can rest in your new house knowing that you built it yourself, the rewards speaks for itself.

*collaborative post