I am a bonefide queen of the side hustle idea but not really managed to implement it enough that I am making any money I have to declare (profit baby, profit). This year I want that to change.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about growing my side hustle, I am going to utilise the things I already have worked on and started, rather than reinvent the wheel. The two areas I want to grow are my blog and my eBay business.

Blog Goals

1. Rebranding my blog

I didn’t really have a theme or a blog look or even a logo so I wanted to rebrand (keep the name, I still love that) but maybe get a logo. Which I did!


2. Finding my niche

It seems like there is only one way to grow your blog in to something profitable and it is to find out what YOU are about. I always blogged about stuff I liked and feelings I felt. I don’t want to lose that but I want to really focus my energies in the right places. I have twitter and insta stories to be as free with my opinions and thoughts as possible so my blog will be more focussed. I would like to have a clear niche identity by 2020.

3. Finding my audience

I think finding my niche will help with finding and growing my audience. I would love to be able to connect with others that are interested in the things I write in my blog.

4. Creating an email subscription

I have just started an eCourse which Vix Meldrew put together about how to create and grow an email list. I would like to put her tips in to practice and start to create something that keeps people engaged.

5. Growing my subscription

Once my email list has been created I want to grow this. My starting point is 0 so even having 1 person subscribe would be awesome. This would definitely be achievable. So I think I would like to have a list of 100 by 2020. I may have to revise that if I realise it’s too big but I have nothing to really benchmark it against.

6. Targetting 5 brands I would like to work with

Once all of the above starts to take shape I would like to reach out to 5 brands. Pitching my blog and some good ideas. I am not sure who they are and they will be. I am moving house soon and I am going to be decorating and one of my favourite brands is Homesense / TK Maxx so I would love to reach out to them. I would also maybe like to reach out to some budget home styling places as I truly believe that things should be affordable.

7. Developing a profitable blog plan

This side hustle is combining something I like to do for fun and the fact I could be making some money from it. I would like to create a plan of how my content will be and how I could earn some profit from it. If it works, I would like to be able to share with others.

8. Land my first brand collaboration

Pitching to 5 brands I would hope that I would land at least one that would be perfect for the blog niche and my readers. I would hope that this would be the start of a good working relationship which will help to develop other brand collaborations in 2020.

9. Develop my affiliate link earnings

I have used affiliate links before but I don’t ALWAYS do it and I don’t always think to do it. I want this to be a good way to earn money consistently.

10. Earn my first £1000 from my blog

This is a HUGE goal for me. I don’t know if it is possible in our first year but I would love to do this. I know that as a side hustle this isn’t much to keep me afloat but as I am starting from 0 I want to have this as a target that would grow.

Ebay Goals

hustle empty hangers on rail
Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

11. Get to 500 listings in my shop

I get 500 free listings and so far I use around 350. I have found it hard to grow to 500 as there isn’t enough room for the stock where we have it now.

12. Open 2 new shops on ebay

I currently sell clothing in my shop but I love bric a brac and I also come across some nostalgic toys that I know are good money earners so I would like to open two new shops that house those items.

13. Make £1000 profit a month

I have been spending what I make since I started because you have to grow your shop. I would like to start to make cool profit now to make sure I earn something to help save for some of the house improvements I have in mind.

14. Grow my shop followers

I would like to make my shop somewhere for people to come and browse, not just buy one thing and leave. I want to make it somewhere people really return to rather than buy one.

15. Diversify my pricing

I would like to have a better pricing structure. I would like to have a good mixture of affordable and key pieces that are designer and expensive to really boost sales.

16. Stock catalogue

I started to catalogue my stock and it became a huge task because I tried it a way I thought would be easy. Because the stock is different – no one item the same – it means cataloguing it is difficult. I need to find a better way so it makes it easier to find it. (I have lost items more than once…eek!)

17. Improve the customer experience

As soon as someone orders something I find the item and put it in a poly bag and send. I would like my customers to remember me and really give GREAT feedback – not just good. I would like to come up with an idea that improves their experience.

18. Set up a great photo station

At the moment I use a wall in a bedroom but I want my photo’s to stand out. The clothes are of various sizes so I want to display them differently. I have seen some people style their items or flat lay them. I would like to set something up that really captures each item at it’s best.

19. Create a schedule

I want to keep organised. I would like to keep my evenings and weekends as free as possible to do all the actual life things I have to do and spend time with the wife of course. The schedule will help me to keep listings live. It has been proven that listing little and often keeps you high on the algorithm (yes ebay has one too, grrr). I want to maximise this opportunity through a proper laid out schedule.

20. Share best practice

I want to be able to share with others the successes of my side hustle in ebay. I would be keen to create a series about it. So if anyone is interested in this please let me know through social media or in a comment.

So there you go. These are my goals.

Have you got a side hustle and what are your goals?