Bioderma 1

Bioderma, most widely known for their micellar cleansing water, have a range of spf sun protection out which I have decided to give a try this summer.

We are on our holidays at some point in the next month so this will be our sun protection for the time we’re there.

It’s all spray bottle spf which is so much easier and all of them can be used on the face and body.

Bioderma 2

Both Claire and I are really fair so we have to start with 50+ especially on our face.

Hopefully the spray will work well under makeup and it’s small enough to carry in our handbags.

Although we want to protect our skin we also want to make sure we protect and try and enhance the natural bronze in our skin, accelerate and although this isn’t a product I have used before I am looking forward to trying them out.

Bioderma 3

They are both factor 30 which is incredible for a tan accelerator and you have the sun cream high protection and the dry oil which is also high protection.

Bioderma 4

The dry oil is great to use after a shower or after the swimming pool on wet skin which I think is brilliant. Sometimes you don’t want to dry yourself off before putting on sun protection so this is just such a great idea. I also feel like this will keep me moisturised.

They are 200ml bottles which should last the two weeks we are away between us. It does mean if you are going abroad you would have to put them in your on board case rather than hand luggage although the smaller version would be perfect for hand luggage.

I want to know what you use for sun protection? Have you tried anything from the bioderma spf sun protection range? What do you prefer, spray or cream? How many times do you reapply?