bubble tea 1

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This is a bubble tea sleeping pack that looks like bubble tea! Etude house  is a well known korean beauty brand and I wanted to do a review of the bubble tea sleeping pack.

It’s no secret that I am really in love with sleeping masks, oils, gels, serums, you name it, if you can sleep with it on your face I will love it!

When I saw this cute little cup of tea in TK Maxx I didn’t pick it up to start with, in fact I must have picked it up, put it back, picked it up again, put it back again, picked it up again, etc and FINALLY, when it was reduced by 50% I decided to buy it.

At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the product to be honest and I really thought I would find it unsuccessful, however I was completely wrong.

The consistency as you can see is gel like, which is why I loved the Algenist Splash mask. You apply it after you have done your evening skincare routine and then you just sleep.

bubble tea 2

When you wake in the morning you will find your skin is plump but you do need to wash your face. It isn’t as good as the Algenist in my opinion but it’s so close! Definitely worth the money.

There isn’t a scent to this really, maybe a mild clean scent, and the texture is cold on the skin, which is nice after you have done your skincare routine. Cooling and relaxing.

The little bubbles in the bottom are meant to be scooped up with the cream coloured gel and popped to make the hydration more intense but honestly – they don’t add anything.

I only have one gripe, and it’s the same with ANY product that comes in a pot is that it’s in a pot, which I always dislike in skincare products. Yes, my hands are clean but I still don’t like it. Maybe it’s just a personal thing.

Other than that, I do love this and will probably finish it all. Buying another won’t be so easy as it is a Korean brand so I will probably keep trying some others.

Have you got a night time favourite? Tried any sleeping packs you think I should try?