Decleor 1A couple of weeks ago I was invited to my first East Midlands Blogger event at House of Fraser Nottingham.

We were to go and meet some other bloggers and have an opportunity to get one treatment.

I was offered the Decleor treatment and I jumped at the chance as I have had a Decleor facial before and loved it, even though I wasn’t sure what the treatment was going to be.

I got to House of Fraser and met the other bloggers (I wish I had more time to meet some more to be honest) and then was offered a goody bag.

The contents of the bag and a vlog about the event are here but I want to focus on the amazing treatment I got to have.

I was met by the lovely Yasmine who works on the Decleor counter in House of Fraser. She invited me to have a hand massage whilst we waited for the treatment room to become available. Treatment room? I wasn’t aware there was one, so that was my first surprise.

Decleor 2

We spoke for a little while whilst I had a lovely aromatic hand massage using the Aromessence Svelt oil and she explained that she had been working for Decleor for nearly 2 months but had always had roles in beauty and as a beauty therapist. Skincare being her favourite and treatments.

She then went on to say that I was having a very special treatment and was one of the first to try it out. Today I was having the facial pilates treatment.

So, what is it:

The treatment last 1 hour and 15 minutes (LUSH!) and you get a back massage which focuses on pressure points and finds out any of issues that might be relative in your back pressure points. Then you get the facial including a peel and then on to the pilates part.

I will go through the facial in detail in a bit.

I went in to the lovely treatment room (which I have on good advice is getting a makeover) which was calm and had a lovely Decleor scent in the air when you walked in.

The lovely soothing music was playing when I walked in and I was asked to fill out a form which identified who I was, any medical conditions I might have and what I felt were my skin problems. Every body is expected to do this at least on their first visit. She put my hair back in the band and we took a before photo. As you can see I was a little puffy around the eyes and my cheeks were looking jowly.

Decleor 3

I was then asked to take off my top half of my clothes, including bra for the back massage, and to ensure my leggings were pulled down slightly to be able to get to the lower back.

I got changed and got on the bed face down and pulled the towels over me.

Yasmine was so lovely, she was really calm, was polite and really just lovely. She knew her stuff!

I like to have a firm massage so was happy with the pressure but if you prefer her to be a bit lighter handed you can say – don’t feel like you can’t.

The order of the treatment is set out below, please note that I have combination skin (dry in most areas but I get an oily nose from my glasses).

Step 1: Back Diagnostic Massage – as mentioned this is to check your skin through your body.

Step 2: Cleanse and tone – She used the Cleansing Milk with Neroli to cleanse my skin which was lovely and light and cooling on the skin, followed by the Essential Tonifying Lotion, a lovely soothing fluid. She mentioned this was really important as part of your skincare routine. I loved this as it didn’t dry out my skin or cause it to sting.

Step 3: Exfoliate – This was such a great experience. She used the Phyto Peel which is a non scrubby exfoliant. You apply this and then leave it for a couple of minutes (or longer!) and then you lightly rub it in flicking motions to take the dead skin off rather than using something abrasive.

Decleor 4

Step 4: At this point you get a lovely Aroma Pressures massage. This is a gentle massage where she used the Ylang Cananga oil. This was to help with my skin type, combating the dryness but also helping the oil on my nose. I have to admit the scent of this was stunning. Definitely one I would like to try again. I loooooved this part.

Step 5: She then did some aroma drainage which drains the toxins. The Aroma Svelt Oil Serum that was used at this point.

Step 6: This was the new and exciting part, the facial pilates aka Gym for the Skin. This does come with a warning, your face will be moved around and your neck and body too. Don’t be alarmed, you can ask for it to be less firm but I went for it. For this she used the Marjolaine Night Balm throughout and it smelt so nice.

Step 7: After the facial pilates she applied the Or Excellence face mask, you leave this on (and it can be an overnight mask too) and massage any excess in once the time is up. This is in the Magnolia scent.

Step 8:  The final step and that is to the tone and serum cream which she recommended as the Hyrdo Floral Light and also gave me a decent size sample too to take home.

Decleor 5

So this is how my skin looked immediately after:

Decleor 6


I feel like it looks so much brighter and my eyes look less puffy and my cheeks look a little lifted.

I loved this treatment and so when I found out that you can book the treatment for £50 but that is redeemable for the products in the range I thought what a great way to get your fave Decleor stuff and getting a free treatment.

Decleor 7

I have always said the original 1 hour 15 minute Decleor treatment was amazing and I have to say this was too.

I would highly recommend this to anyone and definitely would recommend Jasmine! She is one of the loveliest people and will make sure you feel like you have had a very special treat.

If you would like to try this facial you can book it through House of Fraser Decleor in Nottingham by calling the store 0344 800 3751 .

Have you enjoyed a facial lately? Have you had a Decleor Facial? What is your experience?