DHC Skincare and Beauty is a Japanese brand which I have heard a lot about so when I was asked to review some items I was excited.

I was sent a huge amount to try so it’s been about a month or two since I received the items as I wanted to try everything or as much as possible.

So far I haven’t tried the mascara so haven’t included this in this review but I will review it in the future so keep an eye out.

Things I love


I love asian eye and lip makeup remover, every single one I have tried I have loved because they work so well.

This one is no different. The Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is actually completely finished and I am going to buy some more soon. It removed makeup really well just by shaking the bi-phase, adding to a large oval cotton round and holding on the eye for around 10 seconds. I then gently wipe and it helps take off most of my mascara, eyeshadow and liner.


I really didn’t expect much from the Beauty Lift Essence but I was so wrong. This has been a massive surprise to me and although I have used it almost every day for a few months it still isn’t any where near finishing.

This has been such an amazing serum to use in the morning after my hyaluronic acid. I am so excited about this product and yet again I will be repurchasing once it’s finished especially how long it has lasted so far.


As mentioned I haven’t yet used the mascara but the Liquid Eyeliner, oh, the eyeliner! This is simply the best felt tip liner I have ever used and I have the Kat Von D Tattoo liner which, to me, is seriously underwhelming.

I love this, liner because it’s a brush, a very very fine tipped brush and it’s jet black. I honestly can’t fault this. I was so impressed and once again, I wouldn’t hesitate in repurchasing this once it dries out (which seems to be unlikely!)


I know what you’re thinking… cotton buds… but these are cotton buds with a difference.  I don’t know why no one has never done this before.

These are oil infused cotton buds that are individually wrapped and they are fantastic for using when you have made little errors in your makeup.

Things I have tried but not able to give a full review on


I have tried the deep cleansing oil only a couple of times as I have other cleansers I am using at the moment. I enjoyed it both times but I still have yet to give it a good go.

This is, in essence, just an olive oil cleansing oil. You use it similar to other cleansers.


Again I have used the Eye Bright only once but for me, anything on the eyes doesn’t make a difference and due to my eye being dry and itchy recently I can’t put lots near or round the eyes and lids.


The Quick Film Smoother is a silicone based smoothing primer…I have used this once and it reminds me of the porefessional a little bit. Personally I am not a massive fan of silicone based primers so I will have to try this again to get a proper feel for it. My wife does enjoy this sort of primer so I might pass it on to her to get some use out of.

So there is my low down.

I am really quite impressed with everything I have tried so far and in some cases completely finished.

Although I was sent these to review I was keen to give them a really good try before telling you about them so I hope you take something from this review.

Have you tried anything from the brand? Are you wanting to try anything?


*PR Samples are used in this post