Algenist splash 1

I haven’t done many reviews but I had to review this product for you today, the Algenist Splash Absolute Hydration Overnight Mask.

I received this in my gift box from Sephora, the Beauty Sleep Sephora favourites gift set, which I decided to get on a whim.

Algenist Splash

I love makeup as you all know but I really enjoy the ritual of making my skin feel nice and I use so many different things to keep my skin feeling and looking nice. I have Normal to Dry skin so if you have oily skin some of my suggestions might not work for you but I do try and use things that are for all skin types.

Anyway, on to the review.

I received a very small sample of the Algenist Splash Absolute Hydration Overnight Mask in my box and I decided that I wanted to try everything eventually in the box and really give them a good go and a review once I had given it a good week or two try.

Algenist Splash 2

Product Claims

This is described as being an  intensive, overnight mask which helps to hydrate your skin, create a youthful-looking appearance and tackle signs of ageing.

They want you to let the product do all of the work in getting you a radiant complexion while you’re fast asleep.


Apply evenly on to clean dry skin (I use after a serum and moisturiser) and leave for 7-10 minutes before falling asleep.


There isn’t much of a scent to this product, having said that it isn’t completely fragrance free, just very delicate and fresh.


This has a light water-based gel type texture and is cold when putting on the face.

Algenist Splash 3


The first time I used this I felt like my skin was plump and so soft in the morning. I have since been using it over time and it really makes my skin the softest it’s felt since being a child! I don’t feel like it wakens up my skin or evens the tone but it’s the texture and the plumpness I can really see a difference in.

Final Thoughts

THIS IS AMAZING! I love this and have found it on QVC here for £40 which is the cheapest I can find it and honestly, that is actually a really good price for what it can do. Admittedly I thought it would be at least 2 x more expensive so I am really happy that when it finishes I would be able to buy it again.

If you haven’t tried this I would highly highly recommend it, especially, if like me you tend to find bumps under the skin and have normal to dry skin.

Have you tried this product before? Do you think you might pick this up?